APM 2.6 Flip FPV not Taking Off at all not enough throttle power

Hey Guys!

I'm completely new to quadcopters and I decided to built my own quad about a month ago, I chose to go with APM 2.6 because it seem just awesome what the possibilities are with it.

To this point I'm ready to start flying but I haven't been able to accomplish take off at all, I', completely lost and don't know what else to do, I've gone throughout the set up as recommended, but when doing a ESC calibration I don't get the beeps like the videos in youtube show but I do get the motors spending and responding to throttle on the last step of the calibration.

I'm able to arm and disarm but when trying to take off in stabilized mode it seems like the throttle won't generate enough juice to make the quad elevate, when I push the throttle stick side way (ROLL) it looks like all the juice is there and even wants to flip the quad.

here's a straight link to the video just in case it doesn't show embedded: my video

This is a video I uploaded to youtube of what the problem is:

I'm using:

DX8 transmitter 

F30A Fire Red Series SimonK-(RapidESC)

SunnySky X3108S KV900 brushless motors

HQ Props 9x5 Carbon Composite Props

APM 2.6 with GPS/Compass and Telemetry

AR6210 DSMX® 6-channel receiver

Flip FPV Pro G Frame

Another thing I notice is that "terminal" tab is not on my mission planner latest update.

PLEASE HELP! I've had this issue for a few weeks now and almost ready to give up!! I would really appreciate any help!



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It's hard to tell from the video, but make sure your props are on right side up. They don't generate enough lift when used in the wrong orientation. Also make sure you've done esc and radio calibration. What kind of battery are you using? Terminal was removed from apm firmware to save memory.
Did you buy cw and ccw props. Some people have bought 4 cw props and flip 2. That wount work. Did you do that.
Hey Scott! I made sure to double check motor rotation and props to b on the right way, motor 1 & 3 CCW and 2 & 4 CW.

I did a radio and esc calibration but when I do the esc it won't make the same beeping sounds as they say it should but on the last step hen throttle stick goes down and then up all motors spin and react to throttle stick as they r suppose to, but with out generating the power to lift.

I'm using zippis 4S 3700 batteries.

Here another short video...

Thanks for the reply :)

Hi Dave! Thanks for the help...

I bought 2 normal and 2 reverse check this video out

To me it looks like there is not enough power, did u program your esc's

First time i tested mine i used a deffect battery, it looked just like your

problem, i also had to reprogram my esc for some reason

Hi Kim! How do u reprogram them? I did the esc calibration

I have a esc hub,so i can program all 4 at the same time,  its just a servo cable , the one end goes to the ch3 (Throttle) in the receiver, in the other end there is 4 connectors, one to each esc, the first i made my self by soldering 4 esc cables together in parallel, then i used the programming guide for my esc (hobby wing), there is also a general guide  in this forum, but i used the guide specifik for my esc's, remember to run the radiotest in mission planner

Try plugging in the esc directly into the radio. Turn radio on move throttle to full position then power up the esc. The esc should beep waiit a few seconds then move the throttle to the low position and the should beep again setting the low throttle position. Do this procedure for all the esc one at a time. Oh yes one more thing REMOVE ALL THE PROPS FIRST before doing this.

right, remove props :-)

It does not appear to be your props or motor rotation or basic available power or ESC, because the quad is lifting one side at a time and the motors are putting out what sounds like close to full power on roll commands.

Why is your radio commanding rolls via the throttle stick? Roll should be on the other stick, side-to-side on the throttle stick should command yaw, not roll.

I suspect that either your receiver to APM wires are scrambled (plugged in incorrectly) or your radio callibration (in Mission Planner initial setup) is not correct, or possibly that you have some settings in your transmitter scrambled. Start with the wiring and then calibration, you can see on the calibration screen what's what.

I forgot one more question for you did you set your radio for acro and not heli.
So when I checked for rotation with the receiver and the esc connected straight into it, would this b consider a calibration? Cuz I did checked every one of them that way to accomplish right spin orientation.


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