Can some body really good at PID tuning pl's help me. I am in the process of tuning my Quadcopter under stable mode. I was reading the WiKi about this and got a question..

In order to tune it perfectly in Stable Mode along with stable mode P,I, IMax values do i need to also tune Rate Roll (P,I, IMax) values as well?. Or what is the best approach to tune this..Nothing helped me so far my copter is constantly moving away and getting hard to control it.Also what i noticed is no matter how much throttle i am giving still feels like it's not enough.Goes up and down and getting hard to keep it at one position and tune it.What exactly this behavior is?

Experts pl's help me how to tune this..Thanks in advance.

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  • Is there any rule of PID tuning dependant of the mass and dimensions of a copter?

    I mean something like biger distance between motors needs greater/smaller P values or havier copter needs greater/smaller P values.  The same question for Stab_P and Rate_P.

  • Thanks Wesly & R_Lefebvre for your quick response..Today i got some time to try what you guys told me..Not bad felt little bit comfortable and still using lot's of stick moments with Step 1 : As showing in the picture(let me know if this is what you guys meant).

    Tomorrow I will try tuning "I" in in-flight mode by using CH6 option.I will update the results.

    Btw regarding throttle issue..I am constantly  giving the throttle to keep it in a certain height.Any suggestions pl's let me know.


  • I think Stable Mode only controlling your copter staying up right.  When it's stable enough, you can start tuning the attitude hold mode.  When that is done, you can then tune the position hold or Loitering mode.

    To tune a parameter, usually you zero out the I and D and just tune the P until it get close to what it suppose to do, then you tune the I, etc.

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