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kman4UAV replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.73 released
"Issue loading Arduplane 2.73 HIL FW on APM 2.5:
I was actually testing the HIL Simulation with my new APM 2.5 board & FlightGear, It seems to be HIL firmware loaded successfully with out any errors and completed with a msg "Done". But as i noticed…"
May 29, 2013
kman4UAV replied to Jakub's discussion MediaTek 3329 - connection via Xbee

I have the same MediaTek MT3329 GPS module and i am trying to update the firmware/see what firmware does it have using Mini GPS software.I tried to connect with Prolific USB-t0-Serial cable not the FTDI.It did not work.Can you tell me what…"
Sep 29, 2012
kman4UAV commented on emile's blog post Add a backup battery on the MTK GPS module.
"Did any body try to use this DIYdrone GPS module for Remzibi OSD?"
Sep 27, 2012
kman4UAV posted a discussion
I am tuning my quadcopter(AC 2.5.4 X-Mode) with APM 2.0. What i noticed was always it tends lean backwards, Means nose tilts 15 to 30 degrees upwards,  So constantly i need to move pitch stick to forward to keep it stable.I calibrated all the motors…
May 11, 2012
kman4UAV replied to kman4UAV's discussion APM2.0 (P,I,Imx) Stable Mode Question?.Do I also need to tune Rate(P,I,Imx) values when i am in stable mode?
"Thanks Wesly & R_Lefebvre for your quick response..Today i got some time to try what you guys told me..Not bad felt little bit comfortable and still using lot's of stick moments with Step 1 : As showing in the picture(let me know if this is what you…"
May 10, 2012
kman4UAV posted a discussion
Hi,Can some body really good at PID tuning pl's help me. I am in the process of tuning my Quadcopter under stable mode. I was reading the WiKi about this and got a question..In order to tune it perfectly in Stable Mode along with stable mode P,I,…
May 10, 2012
kman4UAV commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post jDrones News: jD-X1 foldable basic frame
"I have X525 frame ... Very Strong ! & way cheaper.No problems so far..I don't see much difference in this kit..Adding aluminium motor mountings to this kit would be a gr8 seller."
Apr 25, 2012
kman4UAV commented on Vishal's photo
"Hi..I have a same setup like yours ..X525 Quad version with APM2 controllers, Hobby Wing 20AMP ESC's, and some A2212 1000Kv motors.Did you ever had any issue arming your motors with out pressing the reset button?.."
Apr 24, 2012
kman4UAV replied to Wayne Jones's discussion APM2 will not arm the motors until I push the reset button
"Recently i bought APM2.0 purple board and setting up with X525 Quad kit and i am in testing phase .
When i switch on the power on my quad (APM2) only Blue LED comes up & stays solid..I can't arm the motors.If i press the reset button , Then Blue &…"
Apr 24, 2012
kman4UAV commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM 2 update -- Ordering reopened!
"Funny.. :)"
Feb 28, 2012
kman4UAV commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM 2 update -- Ordering reopened!
"I was able to place pre-order on 2 days back.My order no shows 19700 .Any body has any idea how many weeks it will take to ship this order?..Thx"
Feb 28, 2012