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Wayne Jones replied to Allen Bishop's discussion HEX-A-Copter ESC Power Distibution CARD
"Try this website.
I have ordered several from them. They have a few different styles available.
Apr 7, 2013
Wayne Jones replied to Wayne Jones's discussion Custom Uneven Motor Mixing
"Thanks. I will give it a try this weekend."
Aug 15, 2012
Wayne Jones posted a discussion
I need help please. I have made a couple of custom hexacopters. My favorite frame shape is the U-shaped Hexacopter. Unfortunatley I am not arduino gifted. Fortunately I do have the DJI wookong. They have a nice custom motor mixing table which makes…
Aug 14, 2012
Wayne Jones posted a discussion
Here is something confusing to me........ My APM2 will not arm the motors until I push the reset button. I use a 7.4v batt through a BEC to power the board. All of my esc's are opto isolated. I run a 5800mah 4s batt for the motors. I have powered…
Mar 1, 2012
Wayne Jones posted a discussion
For all of you Arducopter naysayers and frustrated builders I have one thing to say, stick with it. I was frustrated by my first arducopter custom quad build but now after owning a Hoverfly Pro FCB and DJI Wookong I have to say that Arducopter is…
Feb 15, 2012
Wayne Jones posted a discussion
For some reason when I load the latest firmware (Arducopter 2.0.49) using the latest APM (v1.86) downloaded from google ardupilot code when I try to change the rate roll and pitch PID's I  get a failed to write error message. Has anyone else had…
Oct 27, 2011
Wayne Jones posted a discussion
My final piece of humble pie has been delicious. I have gone from hating the Arducopter system to loving it. What can I say,  Perseverance has paid off. If I can give some advice to anyone thinking of Arducopter. Patience! Start with an economical…
Oct 15, 2011
Wayne Jones posted a discussion
I want to give Arducopter a 2nd. chance but need help. I recently bought a $4000 Droidworx Cinema Series Hexacopter and wanted to put Arducopter on it for my flight board. I purchased my board, xbee and gps and proceeded with my set up. As a…
Sep 2, 2011