I pushed 2.0.43 to Git.

What's new - Simple mode is dead. It's now an option per switch position. There is an APVar bitmask called simple_modes or "SIMPLE". Setting any bits 0 - 5 to 1 will cause that switch position to access simple mode. You can also do this with radio channel 7 if you compile for it. 
Until the mission planner is updated, you can use the CLI by using the rudder as an on/off swicth in setup::modes. It's very easy.
There are now two battery values to set, input_voltage ("IN_VOLT"), and low_voltage("LOW_VOLT"). These are for folks editing battery information.
Circle mode is now tested and running well. It's very cool, but requires dialed in Loiter PIs.
Guided mode is not tested but should work just fine.
Lot's of other minor tweaks and code cleanup.

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This looks Awsum and will give it some air time this weekend now that I have GIT running. After testing most versions from the NG days R42 is by far the best to date. It has alot of great tuning options and is very dependable in flight. I have been flying alot of FPV and you need to trust functions like RTL, Loiter and Alt hold. Job well done cant wait to see whats next.


Jack D 

Try tying CH7 to Simple Mode. That way you can fly in Stabilize while in FPV, then switch it on the fly to Simple mode when you take off the goggles. You'll still have two other modes for RTL and AUTO.


Thanks for the new version, Jason.


Will test it soon.


May I ask a favour: Please include LOITER (without Alt-Hold) and RTL (without Alt-Hold). ?


I would love to use LOITER / GPS hold to stay on some x/y coordinates and then control the hight manualy to be able to take pictures in different hights.

Saw the changes on the wiki and update my GIT. Will try this soon Jason :) Thanks


NOTE:  Those who will use the battery LEDs, the blinking part will not work unless you enable BATTERY_EVENT on AP_Config.h when compiling

(add this line)

# define BATTERY_EVENT            ENABLED


extra care when enabled it is configured to go RTL, if in AUTO mode and APM detects low_batt. (see events.pde)


The motor arm/disarm LED indicator will work by default


I made this easier for you to use APM_Config.h to do this.

Add this line anywhere:



And this one too for RTL:




Thanks Jason,

I will try to include this.


Unfortunately it's not very user friendly. Wouldn't it be possible to include some kind of "check box" inside the mission planer tool or just offer LOITER and LOITER-alt-hold?


I am really sorry if this sounds so easy to do and I seem unthankful. I see all the hard work you've put in so far and from the time you were still planing your first shipment of Arducopters I had so much faith in your Copter that I sold all my Mikrokopter electronics and waited many weeks until I finally could buy my first Ardu - electronics.


Thanks for your hard work


I haven't looked yet, but has anything changed w/ alt hold for this rev? It's acting like it was before Randy found the last alt hold bug where the PID wasn't utilized...

Where is tuning to PI atl_hold in arduino ???

Ideally we would have three on/off switches on the Tx that each enabled or disabled the hold for heading, altitude, or position. (Old simple, alt hold, and loiter modes). That way you could very, very simply mix any of them to your needs. Auto, RTL, guided and circle modes would still be traditional "modes". Now... how to do this with just one channel? Having all of those three holds alone in all combinations, in addition to having none of them (stabilize mode) means seven values for channel 5. It's trivial to add more "modes" to cover all of them, and it's not hard to do it in hardware (just a whole bunch of bunches of switches and a resistor network) or if you have a radio that has plenty of suitable switches and can be programmed to do very specific things... but it's a terribly convoluted way of just setting some bits on the APM!

When i will set to loiter mode. I have problem it. It's swing outside from set loiter radius about 3 m (around Center).

Can your help me for tuning PI loiter (Now, I use Default PI Loiter 2.0.43)


Thank you,


Hi Balloon, from what I can gather it's NAV WP that controls staying on the loiter point, and loiter PID's control the rate of getting back to that point when blown off etc, and you increase loiter I to overcome more wind etc, I don't think there is a wiki page that describes exactly how these parameters effect control, perhaps someone will elaborate, or maybe I'm just still really confused.

Next time, I will upload video for you look. 

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