Arducopter 2.0.43

I pushed 2.0.43 to Git.

What's new - Simple mode is dead. It's now an option per switch position. There is an APVar bitmask called simple_modes or "SIMPLE". Setting any bits 0 - 5 to 1 will cause that switch position to access simple mode. You can also do this with radio channel 7 if you compile for it. 
Until the mission planner is updated, you can use the CLI by using the rudder as an on/off swicth in setup::modes. It's very easy.
There are now two battery values to set, input_voltage ("IN_VOLT"), and low_voltage("LOW_VOLT"). These are for folks editing battery information.
Circle mode is now tested and running well. It's very cool, but requires dialed in Loiter PIs.
Guided mode is not tested but should work just fine.
Lot's of other minor tweaks and code cleanup.

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  • I have tried to set the loiter possition by changing the PI parameters, both "rate IP" and loiter IP's i ahve tried low values and low values but it keep on overshooting.

    I have crashed the quad twice because of too low and to high values :(

    It seems that there is no damping factor.

    I have an Ardupirate's version which works perfectly its hover about 1 meter diameter, but it got no navigation option.

  • I've test flown v 45 and 46 but IMHO it isen't as good as the v43.

    Reloaded v43 this evening. No wind at all and had an awsome time.

    I also had the nerve to test a mission or two and it works rather good.

    The only thing I noticed was that altitude changes up and down when transiting between WP.

    I even had the nerve to put the quad in Alt hold and let my seven and ten yearold sons fly a bit.

    At the moment, for me this is the standard. I don't know wat happened in v45 and 46 but I didn't have a good feeling with loiter.


  • Jason,


    So does that mean we shouldn't use the I term setting for now?

    Also I find that my jdrones qaud, seems to drift when pushed by some wind. 

    I thought the I term was suppose to alleviate that.(still experimenting)


    On another note...I also have the AR.Done from Apple/Parrot.  When I take it out on a windy day, it handles the wind very well.

    It will tilt into the wind and just hover in one spot, very stable.  Its pretty amazing considering it doesn't even have a GPS.


    What are the best settiings to use to mimic this behaviour on my jDrone?




  • Developer

    I found that the I term in the Stabilize P was causingth eloper issue. You can set it and Imax to 0 and you should see some benefit.

    The older versions (44 and maybe 43 ) had a throttle setting bug that could cause you to loose some throttle when switching modes to alt hold or loiter. Fixed in 45.


  • Grips,

    For latest changes:

    For latest downloads:

    Usually a version posted in downloads section is flyable, although still beta :)

  • Today I had a test flight with 2.043. Stabilize seems to be fine, much better while fast descending, it is less oscillating.
    I set three flight modes - Stabilize, Alt hold and Loiter. When I switched to Alt hold, APM Planner showed that I was in Simple (and it flew as Simple). I checked configuration and there were three modes as I set - Stabilize, Alt hold (not Simple!) and Loiter. Very strange...
    Then I decided to test Loiter. As soon as I switched to Loiter, copter started to decrease altitude then touched the ground, then increased altitude up to 3 meters and cut down the throttle! Copter have fallen down to the ground. One prop (which arm touched the the ground first) was broken. The motor seems to be fine, the frame and electronics survived.
    Later I will upload and post a video of that flight.

  • This may seem like a stupid question. (Just got my AC and going through everything)


    I have the latest Mission Planner V1.0.74....but it only seems to download the AC 2.0.42 code and not the latest x.43 code.


    How can I set the Mission Planner to download the latest?

    If it can't...what is the best way to get the x.43 code loaded on.





  • Hi everyone, Hi Jason,


    Just finish my Octo V and i have an issu with esc calibrating ?

    After the procedure when i move the throttle up i only have motors 7, 10, 1, 8 running and the others one don't move ?

    I did this procedure to fix motor 3 who was slower than other one.


    thanks for help

  • Hi, I loaded .42 from the mp last night set up in the usual way but I am getting a funny thing happening with the modes. The mp will not save the modes I have set (modes failed to save) and seems to put in random modes, sometimes these change when the apm reboots. Tried it again tonight reloaded mp and .42 and i am getting the same result. I have set up the modes in the CLI and they seemed ok on the first boot up but they changed on the next boot up. Any Ideas anyone.




  • Really like the simple mode switch.  Nice add.

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