ArduCopter 2.7.2/2.7.3 released

Arducopter 2.7.2 is now in the mission planner and in the downloads area Some positive reports on testing can be found in this discusssion by John Hanson.

Note: just as the release was going out an issue was found re support for the all Camera Gimbals on the APM1s (it doesn't work) and with 3 axis gimbals on the APM2 (2-axis works ok but not 3).  If you're one of these people, please wait for 2.7.3 which will be out shortly. 


UPDATE: 2.7.3 is now in the Mission Planner


Functional Improvements over 2.7.1:

  • Fast waypoints (Jason) - if the turn angle between two waypoint the copter is less than 60 degrees it does not slow down
  • Navigation improvements and logging including switching to filtered location for distance calculations (jason)
  • Flip improvements - more aggressive and flexible flip code based on attitude instead of timing (Jason)
  • Improved camera control - you can now control any axis (roll, tilt, pan) with any rc channel.  it probably makes most sense that you will use 6 but others are possible too.  Unfortunately these changes required we change the set-up procedure so the mission planner gimbal set-up screen needs to be modified again.  Please refer to the AC_Camera wiki page for how to manually set-up the gimbal (Amilcar)
  • Flybar acro mode for TradHeli (Robert)
  • "Fast gains" - allows strong correction of attitude using accelerometers while the quad is stationary on the ground but relies more on gyros while flying (Tridge, Jason)
  • Baro filtering improvements (Tridge)


Bug Fixes:

  • DMP timing fix (Randy) - the MPU6000's dmp unit was inadvertantly turned on and caused timing delays in the main loop- xbee bricking issue (Craig / Tridge)
  • Dataflash fixes (Jason)
  • Engine ticking - was a combination of roll/pitch rate D term being too high and the dmp timing fix above (Randy, Emile)
  • Faster heading correction on start-up - resolves issue with simple mode getting incorrect heading if you took off very soon after start-up (Tridge)

Code Cleanup:

  • Increased maximum number parameters (Tridge)
  • Formatting changes to code (Pat)
  • Replaced "int" with "int16_t" everywhere (Randy)

As per usual PIDs are optimised for the 3DR/Jdrones quad with 850 motors and 10" props. If you're using more powerful motors/props and are seeing bad flight behaviour in stabilize, start by turning down Rate Roll P in 25% steps.

There is still some question on whether the default Roll/Pitch Rate P (0.175) is high enough (it was 0.185 in 2.7.1) and also some people feel the Throttle Rate should be higher (currently 0.300 but some say 0.330 or even much higher would be better).

Please feel free to report issues you find in the discussion below and/or add them to the issues list.

Thanks and enjoy!

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  • quick tip, make VERY sure your motors are perfectly straight up on quads, especially with bigger motors/props, we had some terible issues with the latest code but after straightening the motor mounts all the funny issues went away, here's a quick shot of the quad :) will try load some more fpv soon.

    301425_352862651463561_426415837_n.jpgSteadiDrone QU4D Airframe
    APM 2.5 + 7.3.1
    710kv T-Motors
    30A ESC
    12" APC SF props
    5200mah 4S lipo - 15min easy

  • Only today I had the chance to test version 2.73. Seemed pretty stable (2.6 was already), however, I noticed some changes on the default params wich I don't understand.

    Why the IMAX value lowered so much since 2.6 ?

    Why STAB D is now at 0.000 by default when it used to be 0.100 ?

    Also I noticed some motor bursts when I give full YAW. It doesn't happen when I YAW slowly.

    I dropped Throttle Rate to 0.280 and ALT HOLD  behaved pretty well with about 50cms error wich is not bad at all since I'm flying APM1 with OilPan and old barometer only

    STABILIZE without wind and with the hexa well calibrated and leveled, behaves much better than LOITER (with default params) with the MediaTek GPS. It starts to wonder around. I'll try to tune it better but I don't have much hope.


    I'm flying a DIY Xaircraft Hexa with Sunnysky x2212 980kv, 10x4.7 props and 6000mAh nanotech battery.

  • On my Quad with APM2.0 the flights are extremely stable with V2.7.3

    I can fly it as hard back and forth as I please and it doesn't overshoot. In Auto the other day it acted smoothly and landed the best I have ever seen yet. Just a couple of questions please :

    In MP I plotted a 31 waypoint mission along a field and up a hill. The hold default alt was checked and so was verify Height. Default alt was set to 30mtrs and along the right hand column I entered 30mtrs in every waypoint altitude . When the radio was switched over to auto, the quad raised up to 30mtrs and followed the waypoints. As the quad went up the hill, the altitude did not increase. Amazingly it touched grass at one point and raised just 2 meters and went up and over a wire fence ! ( A great deal of luck I think ) . I have sonar and on-board gps. What did I do wrong ? I thought "verify height" would have raised the quad as it climbed the hill.

    I tried to look at the logs, but I am still baffled about how to use them. Sometimes after converting them to KML files they work with google earth, and other times they show nothing on GE.



  • Hi all,

    After the holydays come back, I hadn't had the chance to to test 2.7.3 until now.

    My setup:

    Y6 Hexa (aka Skybot)
    Arducopter v.2.7.3
    Default parameters
    Motors:BC-2836/7 1120kv
    Props:Top: 11x4.7, Bottom: 10x4.5
    Weight:2.1kgr + 5A Batt.
    Size: 57cm motor to center

    Just tried stabilize and alt-hold.

    Stabilize, great! yaw responsive and solid, best default params ever.

    Alt-Hold, tuned with CH6, kept height within 15cm.

    Great job devs!!  Now I'm confident enough to think of trying fpv and the rest of modes.


  • Moderator

    The 2.7.3 default parameters are working great with my f450, but I wonder if anyone can tell me if the sk450 parameters file in the AC DL section will improve anything. I haven't looked at the differences yet, but is anyone using it with 2.7.3?

    Mr. Anderson, I know that you have a variant of the f450 in your fleet (nice dance, by the way- I love where some people insist on going with some of this stuff ;)  ); are you using defaults, custom config or this parameter set?

  • PIDs... why has the default PID changed so much from Version 2.6.1?  The Sab Roll/Pitch I was near 0.000  before if I recall correctly and was recommended to set to 0.001 but now in 2.7.3  the I setting is 0.050 which seems a lot of difference.  Also IMAX went from 40.0 to 8.0  Why such big changes when the other settings seemed not to bad?

  • Interesting I found this  It looks identical to the 3DRadio.. ? Has anyone tried it?

  • Hi Guys,

    A question from a different angle. I'm using a mega 2 board and I love flying my quad. You guys did a great job, thanks. Here is the question - If I can stream the quad's position to 10cm (Say usinga L1,L2 RTK GPS receiver), can the position corrections be done more reliably(agressively)? Currently my position hold runs within a 10 to 20m radius. Can I get position correction to keep my quad within...say 0.5 of a RTK position?

    Thanks again for hours of great fun.


  • Hey again All, thanks again to those who make this possible and for the hard work.

    Some of you might know we fly APM on most of our big SteadiDrone rigs, but also our smaller QU4Ds which are specifically made for high speed fpv etc, since loading 2.7.3 the tability is very very very strange, i think it's got to do with the new YAW, but not sure, to explain it,

    when flying fast forward and letting go of the stick, the quad ramps up into the wind (oposite direction to flight) very badly, to a point where it just cuts the motors!! I would have thought it would level out with perhaps a bit of correction, but this is crazy, even when tuning down all I terms to 0, it does the same thing, the main problem is when banking tight turns, the yew almost want to flip the quad, so i test bu simply hovering and then yaw failry hard right then left etc, the quad wants just about flip over, specifically on a right hard yaw, the back left motor gives it so much gas its crazy, this is pronounced when flying into a wind when banking, it just wants to flip, and often just cuts the motors completely ????!!!

    Any idea of what this can be? I understand the stab is very good for most users here with small props/motors and normal flight, hovering etc, but for bigger motors, 2814 T-Motors with 12" APC props, it's just no good.

    Any ideas ?

  • Developer

    Jason's just checked in a bug fix for the premature mission exit bug and I've done a quick flight test and it does resolve the issue.


    As a number of you above have noticed, this was causing missions to abort after the 2nd last way point was completed.


    The fix will be out to everyone when we release 2.7.4 (release date TBD).  I suspect you can temporarily get around the problem by duplicating the last way point although i haven't actually tried that work around.


    On behalf of the dev team, sorry! 

This reply was deleted.


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