Arducopter 2.0.34 Preview

Hi All, 

I just posted a new experimental version of Arducopter with new PIDs and control laws for Yaw. It's download only for now and I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you can rigorously test it. Please be careful. I've flown this in Stable, Simple, Acro, Loiter, and Alt Hold with no known issues. But you never know! This version is not yet compatible with the mission planner.


What's new:

New PIDs - I rewrote the control laws from scratch to add a PI Rate function. The end result should fly nearly identically to the current version. The nice detail is that we can use NG PID values for easy transition!

Before: ->  After

Stabilize P –> Stabilize P (Use NG values, or 8.3 x the older AC2 value)

Stabilize I –> Stabilize I (Stays same value)

Stabilize D –> Rate P (Stays same value)

–> Rate I (new)


I added a new value – an I term for rate. The old stabilization routines did not use this term. Please refer to the config.h file to read more about the new PIDs.

I added the framework for using DCM corrected Accelerometer rates. Code is commented out for now.

Added set home at Arming.

Crosstrack is now a full PID loop, rather than just a P gain for more control.
Throttle now slews when switching out of Alt hold or Auto modes for less jarring transitions

Sonar and Baro PIDs are now combined into a throttle PID Yaw control is completely re-written.



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  • Hey guys.


    2.0.37 is available at the mission planner. Whats new?

  • Hi,

    Can Arducopter autopilot works with any R/C helicopter such as the one that I have now from Kyosho models and the Thunder Tiger? 


  • @ Jason question

    we have this thread MB1200 / MB1260 and I plan to use the 1260. Now Heino suggestion scaling the AP_RangeFinder_MaxsonarXL.h so that the 1260 output will be the same as the 1200

    int convert_raw_to_distance(int _raw_value) { return _raw_value; }   // read value from analog port and return distance in cm
    int convert_raw_to_distance(int _raw_value) { return _raw_value<<1; }   // read value from analog port and return distance in cm


    I tried to change that and the output of the sonar test change from 20cm to 34cm which is close to what the 1200 outputs. Now my question is should we scale it do the change on the code or stick with the code with the output of 20cm?


    We cant test it at the moment as my quad is missing an arm and Heino is having issues with new code and his APM. Thanks in advance.

  • Success, well partially.  Chalk it up to more operator error.  Embarrassed to say I checked the wires were plugged in the right way (signal on top, power, then ground on bottom) but never bothered to look at inputs and outputs. :(


    Radio is sending signals fine, all is well there.  Now onto the next problem which I hope I can figure out.  I'm using the ESCs from the XAircraft X450 like I said before which is UltraPWM.  They use different PWM settings they claim.  They claim they use different PWM settings than standard ESCs. 

    From the website (

    "When using UltraPWM standard ESC it will be 200 us (UltraPWM start pulse width is 200us). ESC usually starts the throttle by pulse width greater than 1000 when on common ESC"


    Right now when I plug the battery in the motors immediately start up and just continually run.  When I go into the CLI and try to setup the motors, it just hangs at the motors command line.  Since these ESCs are not standard like I normally use, are they usable or should I swap them out?


    Thanks for the quick help!


  • Since I'm an idiot and can't figure out where my "Arducopter Group" post is located I'll tack my question in here...


    Hey everyone.  I just want to start off saying thank you to all the people who have put in the effort to make this a great product.

    I need a little assistance now as I'm stumped.

    I've got a fully built AC2 electronics set from udrones that I'm slapping on an XAircraft X450 frame for testing.  Whatever software came on it (I bought it about 1 to 1.5 months ago so not sure what version it was back then), I was able to run through the "First time setup" without an issue" BUT it is not detecting any PWM as all of the channel values would sit at 1200pwm.

    So I upgraded to .35 this afternoon and have been trying to run the setup now.  The problem with .35 is that when it gets to the radio setup it just locks up.  The mission planner sits there saying radio setup after you click "OK" to tell it you've moved the radio in all directions.  I've tried it from the setup button and I've tried it directly in the CLI, it performs any and all functions in the CLI but once you type radio to set it up, the CLI hangs at "Radio Setup".  I have to CRTL-ALT-DEL the software to shut it out.  I know the program is still running through as if you unplug the USB, the error for communication lost comes up and then the mission planner closes.

    I'm testing this with an 8FG and a R6008HS receiver.  Even running the test mode on the CLI it shows nothing but 0s the entire time.  Connections are all made correctly as I've triple checked and the light on the RX is green so I know it is getting signal.  I'll plug in an ESC here directly to see if I can get anything bypassing the APM.

    I am powering the board with a 3S 2200 lipo as I know the RX does not receive power form the USB.


    I'm not familiar with the Futaba 8FG and feel like I'm missing something here, I'm setting this up for a customer.  I always use the Hitec Aurora 9 which is pretty straight forward but this thing is giving me some issues.  He bought it used so I'm wondering if it is operator error or the unit is not working correctly?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what I'm overlooking?


  • i have finish my hexa (upload from AMP) ver 35
    arm : 28cm
    motor 2830 850KV

    1st  test the hexa is so agresif for rol and pitch (dafult PID)
    just about 45% trotle hexa can fly.

    2nd test i change roll and pitch P from 4.5 --> 2.5 and imax from 50 --> 10.
    fly on 50% trotle. and not to agresif. but stil driff :(

    please respon for what i do? i do not understand for Imax function. and how effect when we fly on big wind
  • Just finished building a new frame 50cm with new 25A plush ESC's and new motors Roxxy 2824-34 and APC 10x4,7.

    Loaded v35 and it flies very stable (really rock solid) with P lowered to 2. Still get some oscillation when I fast descend.

    This was tested without wind.

    With wind its a lot more unstable.

    Alt hold is very aggresive. No sonar yet.


  • In my experience with .35 last night, I found Stable/Simple to be fine over .33, but Alt-Hold was too aggressive. Strong pumping. All were on def PID's. With RTL the quad quickly became unstable and I had to abort right-away. So I miss having .33.

    Thanks to the team for their great work.
  • I checked about 10hrs ago it was already in the mission planner. unless my eyes were deceiving me.
  • Hello


    When will 2.0.34/35 directly integrated to APM mission planner for easy setup? or it is now?

This reply was deleted.


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