Arducopter 3.4.4 (PixHawk) bugs in altitude or yaw controllers?

Arducopter 3.4.4 (PixHawk) bugs in altitude or yaw controllers?

So I've been using copter 3.4.4 since January2017  and have had this mystery problem the entire time with the drone descending at random after being completely stable for 5 to 8 minutes.

Learning the meanings of the readouts in DataLogs has been difficult because 
1. I can't seem to find a list of descriptions or explanations (That really makes good sense)

2. The readout names aren't exactly like the parameter names that effect them
3. Online documentation seems to have different parameter names for different firmware versions and whether you're reading or

Is there a "Map" or diagram that shows parameter names and what DataLog readouts they correspond to?

I'm seeing these yaw edges in ATT.YAW when the drone is stable and NOT changing heading.
The NKF3.IYAW (Innovation Yaw in degrees) and IMX, IMY, IMZ (Magnetometer innovations X,Y,Z (mGauss) are doing exactly what is shown on the arducopter link, but on a flight when my drone decsends they appear to happen exactly with these yaw edges from ATT.YAW
Some time (minutes) later the PWMs really start diverging and the drone comes down.

I am going to try another GPS/MAG antenna


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