• Just wondering if there is any Mac Native GCS for Arducopter - that anyone - anywhere - has written ported etc . . ( I am running OSX 10.8.3 Mountain Lion ) 

  • This link is no longer available... is there another place I could get the download for ArduCopter MacGCS that is compatible with Mountain Lion? 

  • Thank you very much   I'm just getting started with this Arducopter stuff, and was considering the possibilities for writing something for my collection of Macs :)   Mine would not have been as good as yours though.



  • Any more progress on this? I'd love a way to check my radio calibration on a Mac. Connecting to configurator through virtualbox is getting more and more temperamental.

  • Hi Hai,


    Thanks for the update. I`ve tested the software and noted that the PID are not being properly updated. They're mixing up some values.

    Also the Accelerometer offset (the one that normally shows as 408) somehow was corrupted, getting a value of 15K, so I needed to use the windows configurator to fix them again.




  • Hi Hai, I`ve tested your GCS and its working preety well. Were you able to sort the Acro/Alt/GPS PID write? The latest version I`ve downloaded from your link is not updating those values.



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    Just upload an update, in the zip you will now find the debug and the release binary.  I compiled using the Xcode 3.2.6 Beta 3.


    See if that addresses the issue.  I'm not having any issues running the binary on my Macbook Pro 15" i7, but I have 4 versions of XCode right now, which I need to clean up as there was the current 3.2.5, 3.2.6 beta 3, and 4.0 RC the latest prod version is 3.2.6 GM  so with all those versions and their included SDK suspect that might be the issue..

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    Don't know why the latest problem with CPU, but I checked the configuration, the app is being compiled for universal 32/64bit, min OS 10.5.


    I've recompiled and uploaded again.

  •  not able to open the app :( running 10.6.2 on an intel macBookPro

    it says ArduCopter_MacGCS is not supported on this type of mac

    too bad ... any idea ?

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    Another update uploaded.  PID read and write added as well as a larger AH.  I haven't tested this yet, as I didn't have my APM with me.
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