ArduCopter Shipping?

Not sure if this is discussed elsewhere, but I ordered a ArduCopter full electronics on 17th Nov from FahPah. It is still in processing on site. I have tried contacting them and have had not response for the last week. So does anyone know are they shipping them? I dont mind waiting as long as I know what is happening to my $500.I am really looking forward to getting one up....I also see that the order page now says "Currently Unavailable" when a few weeks ago it said PreOrder?

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  • I got #42 today in Sweden /gunnar
  • Hi, i have order # 41 and it arrived today! The best of luck to everyone

  • I received an email from sales at DIY Drones and they received their shipment from FahPah today. My order will ship tomorrow! I am very happy. Just an FYI, I ordered my ArduCopter on 10/31.
  • me being #190 and eagerly waiting.
    will do a plane plus the quadcopter.

    so far very interesting.
    i heard also a few neg. points - but i think that can be resolved with the good support found here.
  • Yes, so am I...
    here is an email that I had received from them last Monday when I asked about the status of orders
    from DIY drones store...

    Yeah, we were delayed for the suppliers, last notice was that we will receive the remaining components by the end of this week, so, we estimate to start shipping at the beginning of next week.
  • I thought that if we made the order with a numerical value for available units left we were within the first batch category???
    The presales going on now would have been the second this correct?
  • I have gotten confirmation. Mine left Monday and is sitting one town over from me at the moment. It should be there at home, waiting for me when I get off work. DHL seems to be a speedy service. My package got from BangKok to Texas in 4 days. Not bad at all!

    Like I said before. They are still clearing thier initail group of orders. If you are order # ~200+ you probably will not see it for a little while. From what I have seen across the forums at least 100+ have shipped. If you ordered from the DIY store yours is most likely included with the "second batch" which is supposed to arrive before Christmas.

    As far as replies from FahPah, I sent one yesterday and have not had a reply. I wouldn't worry too much, they are busy packing and shipping. They will probably take a break soon and answer some e-mails. Once things slow down and the initial demand is met, everything should run much smoother.
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  • Awesome - that is the feedback I want - I am watching my inbox with eagerness for a tracking number.
  • Just wanted to share my excitement and say that arducopters DO are shipping :)

    order #44, left the fahpah factory Friday morning (Italian time), traveled all the weekend, and this morning (Monday) the DHL tracking tells me it arrived at home (received by the cleaning lady).

    This is awesome!!! just 3 days of shipping.
  • This is a bit OT, but I wanted to say "as a newbie here" how nice it is to see such a great amount of attention to every post. I haven't been able to contribute much, but the responses in the forums really are fantastic and so friendly. :)
    This seems like a really great community.
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