I just put together the ArduPilot Mega (2560) board and IMU shield and using the APM Planner V1.0.93, was able to load the ArduPlane V2.251 firmware without a problem.

When I decided to upload the ArduPlane HIL V2.251 SIM firmware so that I can use the XPlane simulation, it  fails.  The progress bar shows the reading of the hex file and when that completes, the progress bar resets and it states loading 69728 bytes.  Very quickly, the upload fails with an error message -

Check port settings or port in use? System.Exception: Upload failed. Lost syn.  Try


at ArdupilotMega.GCSViews.Frimware.UplaodFlash(String filename, String board)    


Without changing any settings, I can immediately upload the ArduPlane V2.251 firmware without a problem.  It appears to be functioning properly as it returns flight data and does read the radio inputs.


Any ideas?





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I've been getting the same issue today as well. I would've assumed the Arduplane HIL firmware is bad, but the error says "Uploaded Failed Lost Sync" so i don't know what is wrong....

However, it seems that the normal blue ArduPlane  firmware loads fine and can run the X plane simulator as well.

Hmmm, it works now and I've changed nothing on my end.  Since it appears to download the firmware before the upload to the APM,maybe there was some sort of glitch last night that has since been resolved.  Regardless, I got the sim to run perfectly and I'll just put all of that behind me (until it happens again).


I'm just glad that Steve reported the same problem and I wasn't crazy.


there was an issue with the hil firmware that is now fixed

Why does the normal Arduplane firmware work on the simulator as well yet the APM manual states to clearly use the HIL firmware for simulation only??

it doesnt.

I have the normal "Blue Plane" Ardupilot mega firmware loaded and it flies perfectly fine on the X Plane simulator.

Dear Michael
I am having trouble flashing my APM 2.6 mega with the HIL plane firmware. I get error messages.I will forward these in a subsequent reply if you like. I know that Qgroundcontrol will work with plane and a Pixhawk. I would prefer to use MP. Do you know if HIL firmware will be written for the Pixhawk

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