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smguest replied to smguest's discussion ArduPilot Mega 2560 - ArduPlane uploads, ArduPlane HIL does not
"Hmmm, it works now and I've changed nothing on my end.  Since it appears to download the firmware before the upload to the APM,maybe there was some sort of glitch last night that has since been resolved.  Regardless, I got the sim to run perfectly…"
Nov 18, 2011
smguest posted a discussion
I just put together the ArduPilot Mega (2560) board and IMU shield and using the APM Planner V1.0.93, was able to load the ArduPlane V2.251 firmware without a problem.When I decided to upload the ArduPlane HIL V2.251 SIM firmware so that I can use…
Nov 17, 2011
smguest replied to Sriram Rangan's discussion Easystar brushless motor mount
"Try this and see if it matches what you have -

Dec 30, 2009
smguest replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Discussion forum for UAVDevBoard, Sparkfun's 3-axis IMU-based autopilot board

FYI - I don't use channel 3 but have had no problems with the channel 4 input for selecting the mode. I use a Futaba R607FS (2.4GHz) and a Dimensions Engineering SportBEC to power everything. I've flown with this configuration and haven't…"
Oct 9, 2009
smguest commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Announcing the official DIY Drones Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest
"While I'm not going to formally submit what may be the record for the slowest time, I thought I'd share my results in the spirit of the competition - having fun! I was intrigued to see what I coult get out of my Electric Telemaster with an Ardupilot…"
Aug 2, 2009
smguest commented on William Premerlani's blog post AileronAssist for UAV DevBoard is launched.
"This yaw turning feedback loop is exactly what I hope to figure out how to do for roll rate for the UAV DevBoard in my Twister. It is just an issue of getting enough time to sit down and focus on the code. The basics don't sound too complicated but…"
Jun 26, 2009
smguest commented on smguest's blog post UAV Dev Board on Multiplex Twister
"Perfect, I think I now have a goal - learn enough so that I can command roll rates and Nz."
Jun 25, 2009
smguest commented on smguest's blog post UAV Dev Board on Multiplex Twister

Kudos to you and those involved for laying out the hardware and integrating the DCM method - I think I've already gotten my moneys worth out of the board just purely based on the fun I've gotten out of making it work without any changes. I…"
Jun 25, 2009
smguest commented on smguest's blog post UAV Dev Board on Multiplex Twister
"Sure - just remember that I'm using Arudpilot software version 1.x and that these are the gains that I currently use for the RTL function and haven't tested them in the waypoint mode. I made several modifications to the control linkage and therefore…"
Jun 25, 2009
smguest posted a blog post
I decided that I wanted to graduate from a thermopile based autopilot to a full IMU based system and the UAV DevBoard looked like it was going to scratch my itch. In the end, I wound up with it on my Multiplex Twister, an elapor foam electric ducted…
Jun 24, 2009
smguest commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPilot Shield now even cheaper: $32.50!
"Just thought I'd add a clarification to Chris' comment regarding leaving the lower nipple of the airspeed sensor disconnected in order to read the ambient pressure inside the cockpit - that doesn't hold true for all airplanes. The Telemaster I have…"
May 29, 2009
smguest commented on smguest's photo
"In case you missed that I've been posting the technical comments on the related ArduRx album, I'm just using the Adafruit XBee adapter and it has a 5 to 3.3v regulator. So that way the display, Arduino, and XBee/adapter are all driven from a 5V…"
May 16, 2009
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May 15, 2009
smguest commented on smguest's photo
"The 5v version. I already had it in hand."
May 15, 2009
smguest commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Increasing the ArduPilot rudder authority for wind
"I noted some initialization problems and wasn't sure if it was because I was using the GPS from my OSD (and the OSD needed an extra sentence that the ArduPilot did not), but it appears that I was overwriting the parser's "buffer" variable until I…"
Mar 9, 2009
smguest commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPilot GPS lock bug fixed
"Unless I confused the source with an earlier version when I downloaded it, it looks like this one still has the NE heading test coded in. It is obviously a simple fix, comment it out and uncomment the regular code."
Feb 22, 2009