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Maxwell Birley replied to Charles Linquist's discussion Telemetry and HD video over 4G
"Hi Charles
I am just getting into controlling "Bots" over the internet. I have a wheeled Rover that it is connected to a Joystick over the internet to the Rover using web sockets. I want to move into an area without a wifi or radio connection and…"
Mar 16, 2019
Maxwell Birley replied to Nicolas Brieger's discussion DGPS / RTK Corrections over MissionPlanner
I recently bought the emlid reach 8MT rtf units and could not get a reliable fix. I notice that you are using the M8P which is the professional version. have you managed to get a reliable fix using these and have it improved the pixhawk gps…"
Jun 22, 2017
Maxwell Birley replied to smguest's discussion ArduPilot Mega 2560 - ArduPlane uploads, ArduPlane HIL does not
"Dear Michael
I am having trouble flashing my APM 2.6 mega with the HIL plane firmware. I get error messages.I will forward these in a subsequent reply if you like. I know that Qgroundcontrol will work with plane and a Pixhawk. I would prefer to use…"
Mar 25, 2016
Maxwell Birley replied to Gareth Rens's discussion HIL firmware not downloading on latest mission planner
"I am trying to download the latest HIL for a plane. Quad downloads however plane repeatedly has errors and will not download.Also what is the latest APM board it will work on
Mar 25, 2016
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Mar 30, 2015
Maxwell Birley replied to Bob's discussion Xplane simulation does not work on newer firmwares
"I am using xplane 10. APM 2.6 MP 1.3.21 on the same PC. I tried yesterday all vintages of HIL firmware
I have added the info required to get the simulator work and get the following error message
I do not get any data in the simulator
I have never…"
Mar 30, 2015
Maxwell Birley replied to Maxwell Birley's discussion Mission Planner Simulator not connecting to X Plane
Mar 30, 2015