Ardustation - not displaying values

Hi all. I am having some problems trying to display 'real' values on the ardustation display, all I get is 0's.I am using V1.2 code. The ASC LED blinks, while the RSS LED stays on (so it is receiving data?), I know the XBee Pro modules work because they work well when I use the Labview ground station. The XBee's are both on 57.6K baud.On the plane side I am using the Sparkfun 3.3v regulated XBee explorer (which works when I use the Labview ground station), although I have also done tests with the Adafruit XBee explorer to no avail.I have noticed a difference in the outputted data from this link - the 'STT:2' is missing.Here is a screen capture of incoming data (there is no GPS lock so the LAT and LON = 0):!!!LAT:0,LON:0,SPD:0.00,CRT:0.00,ALT:0,ALH:46,CRS:0.00,BER:0,WPN:0,DST:0,BTV:11.95,RSP:0,***+++ASP:-13,THH:73,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:69,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:70,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:68,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***!!!LAT:0,LON:0,SPD:0.00,CRT:0.00,ALT:0,ALH:46,CRS:0.00,BER:0,WPN:0,DST:0,BTV:11.95,RSP:0,***+++ASP:-13,THH:67,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:69,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:65,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:64,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***!!!LAT:0,LON:0,SPD:0.00,CRT:0.00,ALT:0,ALH:46,CRS:0.00,BER:0,WPN:0,DST:0,BTV:11.95,RSP:0,***+++ASP:-13,THH:65,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:69,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:70,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***+++ASP:-13,THH:71,RLL:-60,PCH:-45,***#Note: I have also tested the Ardustation with all the sensors and GPS (with a lock) but still no success.Thanks for your time.

Ardupilot data - via xbee.avi

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  • hi folkz

    my ardustation is one of the first, but now it works. seems to be a timing-issue. running the UART with 38k or less works, 56k does not, mess-up the decoding?! but the whole thing is prone to hang-up, maybe the missing checksumms, I get only a few hunderts meters range.

    Now I kicked the SW and make some modifications for more reability: use XBEE-APImode, tinyGPS-lib to decode and newSOFTserial from Mickael Hart. datas in openformat and logview to analyse the data. this works on the original HW.

    It looks good to squeeze all in a SFEfunnel, its job is to log on microSD (big missing on ardustation) and send openformat via softserial. this stream will be displayed on a max7456-OSD or a 4D-OLED (openformat-parser in 4Dskript not yet working).

    also tests planed with a skinny+ XBEEshield+ speakJET, 8x8 LEDmatrix and 7segmentLEDs on a protoshield. the hole thing can be done with lilpad-arduino, seewing on a baseball-cap and listen to the data ;-)
  • Has anyone bought and built an ArduStation in the last 3 weeks?
    Is it working?
    I replaced the processor and still cannot get to accept any data at any baud.
    Funny, I do this for a living but this has got me bent-over.
    I will take it to work with me in the morning and take a look at it under our inspection microscope.
  • Did you solved the problem? I have the same troubles: data will be decoded on the labview-station but not on the ardustation.

    I sorted out some configurations that work:
    direct connection with a cable between ardupilot and ardustation
    XBEEexplorer on labview
    XBEE mounted on the ardustation, FTDI-USBadaptor to PC, datas displayed on labview-station but NOT on the ardustation

    the only difference is the voltage of the signals: direct connection is 5V, by XBEE the level is 3V3.
    but thats normaly enought for the ATmega328 to be logic on..

    funny and weired ;) have a hint??
  • Sorry for the late reply, and happy New Year.
    I have tried with various code versions, but always seem to get 4 "+++.....” strings while the example contains 5 "+++ ...." strings. Most of the low rate (1Hz) strings ALT, CRS etc seem to have either 0 or fractional values, which differs greatly to the ones you provided. Other than that everything else seems fine.
    Is there a way to 'fake' telemetry data so that I can send 'proper strings' directly to the Ardustation, hence bypassing the Ardupilot?
  • Strangely it does seem to work with Labview. Here is my screen capture of incoming data, it clearly shows that it is receiving 'real' data as it is sensitive to pressure on the pitot tube and my hand moving around the thermopiles. It also works with the ‘official’ Labview ground station.
  • Here is a short screen capture of incoming data via the xbee's. After resetting the AP all the waypoints are printed, but there is some 'strange' lines that follow immediately after.
  • I'm not familiar with this equipment, but the +++ is something trying to put the XBee into Command mode, which should normally come back with an "OK", but its not, so it sounds like your xbee isn't communicating right. I would make sure you have the correct baud rate, and if possible go to Digi's website and use their XCT-U program to verify the XBee is working correctly.
  • The data you showed. Is that from the recieving xbee or the Aurdupilot?
  • I am still using the old EM-406 GPS.
  • 3D Robotics
    Just checking one thing. Which GPS are you using? If you're using the uBlox, you've got to change all the Xbees to 38k baud.
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