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I like FPV and use autopilots for backup. also diy Emotors and ESC in big- and lil-scale Made my hobby to earn the benjamins: Since 2007 engineering for electric tracktion on cars, trucks, mining/offshore-gear and ships.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I love to play with UAV, also jump in the air with paragliders and do a lot of PPG. Since all this systems need to be monitored and debuged I relay on the data output from autopilots. Also very handy to visualise datas in QGC.



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Jan 6, 2021
wurpfel commented on Melih Karakelle's blog post 36x Zoom Camera Daylight and IR 850nm Test
"I have a 27x cam mounted in a plane sideway. you got sharp pictures only under APcontrol, but the details are fantastic. my has a sonyHAD chip, very impressive picture-quality"
Sep 29, 2010
wurpfel replied to Steve's discussion OSD Integration?
"did you know this lil-osd?

its quite easy to printout on screen your datas"
Sep 14, 2010
wurpfel replied to Pizza's discussion quadrotor xbee replacing rc
"that will be no problem about latency, I use XBEE for years to replace the "old" MHz-gear.

but its a serial transmission, best and saefest way is using the API-mode!
I send commands in four bytes, in some case packed as 7byte-hammingcode for…"
Sep 5, 2010
wurpfel replied to Austin Duff's discussion Long Range RC Equipment?
"hi folkz

you can use the XBEEs in both variants: 2G4 for testing RC-like "in sight" and the longrange 900 or 868XBEE for telemetry and waypointsetting.. works for me up to 5mi but some nasty 10% dutycycle...

or control when in sight the UAV with…"
Aug 22, 2010
wurpfel commented on AKRCGUY's blog post DIY Drones Store CMOS Camera?
"yes, that`s a "full monty" moorhuhn with a ardupilot and fpv. great to observe birds.

to glue the cam-PCB I drop hotmelt on the holes for the screws. so a saefty-breakline is established when something goes wrong. and I add a lil-keflarstring to…"
Jun 14, 2010
wurpfel commented on AKRCGUY's blog post DIY Drones Store CMOS Camera?
"I use hotglue to fix it on a servoarm.."
Jun 14, 2010
wurpfel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Excellent tutorial on unbricking a corrupted ArduPilot
"take a look on AVR buttload, my prefered progger. the HW is a inexpencive AVR butterfly!


Unlike other programmers, ButtLoad allows you to store a complete application into the on board…"
Jun 6, 2010
wurpfel replied to Ravi Gaddipati's discussion Planned QUADROcopter UAV, please look over my setup before I buy
"please look FIRST on popular quad-sites like mikrokopter.
they also list proven components.

buy this mechanical parts! you will run in enough selfmade electronic problems and hopefully solve it.
good luck!"
Mar 21, 2010
wurpfel replied to Sean O'Connor's discussion Ardustation - not displaying values
"hi folkz

my ardustation is one of the first, but now it works. seems to be a timing-issue. running the UART with 38k or less works, 56k does not, mess-up the decoding?! but the whole thing is prone to hang-up, maybe the missing checksumms, I get…"
Mar 18, 2010
wurpfel commented on fibrewire's blog post Variable Pitch Quad Rotor - M/UAV
"did you considre electric flight? they can regulate the power much better than mechanic!

for paragliders you will find electric powersystems, 25kg, 10kW and a 14s40Ah is enough to reach 1000m AGL. four will do the job as a quadcopter..

its no…"
Mar 15, 2010
wurpfel posted a blog post
hi folkzsomething is missing in the arduino-world ;-) yeah, a handy way from the bredboart to a eached shield. now fritzing.org enters. its a opensource routing programm.check it out.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxhd4HKrWpg&feature=related
Mar 7, 2010
wurpfel replied to Natalius Kiedro's discussion AR7212: A programmable 12-channel receiver with autopilot extensions for those flying Spektrum DX7
"Hi folkz

ok, lesson learned!

the link was the start of the protocoll-decoding, and it`s polite to point out here in english ;-)
the know-how is fixed in the german-RCline-thread about a micro--6dof-system.
the main thing is to bind the satelite…"
Mar 6, 2010
wurpfel replied to Natalius Kiedro's discussion AR7212: A programmable 12-channel receiver with autopilot extensions for those flying Spektrum DX7
"hi folkz

the com with the sats arn`t very special. look here
Mar 5, 2010
wurpfel commented on Ahmad Usman's blog post Helicopter Based UAV
"when the heli move foreward it works, but stay on place wouldn`t work. you have to substitute the flaky GPS data with image-recognition of the ground or maybe a arduIMU with some sensors added will work on a heli.

look on the quadrocopter!"
Feb 21, 2010
wurpfel commented on wurpfel's blog post stylish autopilot-engage-switch
"the cam comes from SFE, all other gear is recycling from babyphones.

best for RCcompability is a 5G8 downlink, the ardustation-antennatracker points the LNApatch.
a 1/3"sonyHAD sensor offers best image quality, also BWnightvision in moonlight.."
Jan 24, 2010