So for the past two months I've been working on a quadrotor project, and I've designed an ARM based board just for it. Contains a TI LM3S9B96 ARM Cortex-M3 (not out yet, some how convinced TI to send me a few), 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accel, compass, zigbee, 4 motor pwm outputs and temperature sensors (also tons of breakout pins). I plan to make a shield with gps, barometer and a couple of other things.. Just now I have confirmed the board completely works, and I'm beginning to get into the kalman filter and pid control loop.

I'm just wondering how many people would be interested in the board. I'm likely to make it open source hardware/software.


Link to the website:

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Nice. Seems CM3/PIC32/etc are nuking the AVR from orbit around here lately.


How did you get a L3G4200D already?

They are indeed.


Got those gyros by calling st and asking really nicely ;)

I will follow your development, but I'm not sure I'd buy it. My partner and I had looked at a stellaris ARM7 Cortex M3 board (back when they were independent from TI). I just got a ST ARM7-CM3 for free via a contest entry.


I'd look at these guys: and this guy:


- Roy

Why suggest something that can't be bought?

I wasn't trying to discourage Arko from his project (after all, I'm not allowing the existence of hundreds of existing quadrotor projects stop me from doing my own quadrotor project). I just wanted to point out 2 other ARM7 CM3 based projects that have made a lot of progress. These can be viewed as inspiration, or the competition, depending on one's point of view. The latter project is also a one-man show.


In any case, OP should have product to sell pretty soon. Both projects have published source code and hardware details.


I should've added that it sounds like Arko has made great progress in only two months. I didn't intend to come off sounding as negative as I did.


- Roy

I see, yes, those projects are certainly worth looking at.
Your suggestions were really cool. It's nice to see how other people have approached the same problem. More are always welcome, especially any content containing math and modeling.

Well, many people here are building APs for the journey, and to grow technically, not just because they want the easiest/cheapest/fastest possible way to build a UAV.


And if you're going to do 0.5mm SMD assembly, might as well be on your own PCB, with exactly what you want on it.



Yes - I am one of those people who want to learn by doing and grow technically.


@Arko, here's a thread with links to some quadrotor papers:  I recommend starting with the papers in post #4.


One good thing I recall about the "Stellaris" line was that their ADCs could collect and average samples in hardware, making it very easy to oversample.


- Roy

Totally! I love this feature, and I found out about it after selecting it :P


Thanks for the link, really nice pubs.

What was your rationale behind choosing this chip?

 Hi Arko!!

 it's great  to know about your project. 

I'm working on a quadrotor project too "indeed is very similar". I'm using the same microcontroller family, Right now I'm developing the Quadrotor's software  on a LM3S8962 Evaluation kit , but I'll  use the 5000 series on the Quadrotor main board.

I just finished the IMU software, based on Starlino's equations. now i'm working on the PID control loop software. 

It will be interesting if we can share ideas about hardware and software.


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