Hi there everyone. Referring to the last column (load type) of the table below, showing a specifications table of a DYS Samguk series WEI 2207 (2300kV) brushless motor, I am confused with the letters X3 and X4 written alongside battery/prop. What do they indicate here. 

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From third grade, the "X" means multiply! This is a 2760 revolutions per volt motor.

For LiPo batteries,  the "X" is the number of cells in the battery.  For the LiPo, "X3" is three cells; i.e, a 3S LiPo battery.

For the props, the "X" is the number of blades. The "5040X4" would be a five inch, four blade prop. The 4045X3,5040X3,5045X3 are three blade four inch, and five inch props. The "5045" in the last row is a two blade prop which does not need a multiplier designation. For obvious reasons, there are no one blade props; like left handed screwdrivers!

Hope this helps!

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