Hi there ,

I've attached the compass to the quad as the image below show (APM points forwards - between yellow arms). and the compass is Rotation_Roll_180.

When I'm calibrating the compass I keep getting reversed results (North shows South).
I've tried rotation none , yaw 180 , rotation_pitch_180 without luck.

1. Does this affect loiter mode ? Alt hold works fine , loiter and RTL don't work well , quad drift and fly somewhere it shouldnt.

2. What can I do in order to get good results from compass ?

Attached image how I mount my Ublox.


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  • My GPS cable is torn.
    Where can I get new one ?

    • you could try


      ill bet it uses the same DF13 connectors

      Edit: im guessing your not in USA? in which case, 3DR's international shipping rates are astronomical. i may be of no help here

      Edit2: Lots of 'APM GPS cable' listings on ebay:


      • I need the cable in the picture , 3702647762?profile=original

        • if your connectors are ok then just replace the cable by simply detaching them from cable... it is quite simple to detach the cable from those SMD connectors by using only a small pin . after detaching just uncouple the leads from cables by using forceps... the leads are quite small so try to use a magnifying glass to see it

          • The connector is ok but the black cable got torn directly from the lead... so how I reconnect it to the lead.. that's the problem.3702820831?profile=original

            • Maybe I have another option.
              I've noticed the connectors in the red circles have same letters as the connector in the black circle (original cable was connected to black circle connector and was split to the gps and l2c connector on the APM).

              Maybe I can get 2 different cables for these connectors.
              1. To the GPS

              2. To the compass (l2c)

              any ideas?



              • It is old thread but may be somebody knows.
                I have same issue - it is a witespy 45mm unit and it constantly gives compass variance error between external and internal compasses as its compass is on top of a board, not under. 35mm unit does not give such error but i want to use this one as its gps is better.

                What parameters should be altered so internal and this external compasses would not error about variance?
              • do you know what is the red circled connector names? I could not find suitable cable for that connector and i can't config ublox.

                • Admin


                  Those look like Hirose DF13 style connectors.


                  TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

                  • Thank you thomas

                    I connect gps over ftdi, but can not managed to configure it.

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