Hi there,

I have a Futaba R6208SB connected to a pixhawk through SBUS and all work great.

I would like to configure the 6208 for mode B usage, where I can get another 8 channels(9-16) through the analogue ports of the receiver. I do power the receiver while pressing the Link button, I get the red and green led to flash simultaneously, power it off and on again, set the 14 SG channel9 to a switch, but no effect whatsoever. 

Han anyone managed to do this? I have included the Futaba manual in thiw message.




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You plug the Red jumper plug on top of 6208 and follow the instruction on 6208 manual, after you get it in mode B and powered down remove the red jumper plug.

You said you plug the 6208 into the Sbus connection on the Pixhawk, I thought it was you plug the 6208 into the RC port on Pixhawk.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. Have you tried this with Pixhawk and it worked?

I will use the jumper as I did not use it before. Should get 16 channels?


I'm in the process of building up Tarot 680 Pro Hexicopter, I have not got the Pixhawk wired up yet.

I have the R6208Sb working in the mode "B" on a quadcopter with a ZeroUAV Gemini Controller.

I'm not quite sure if you can hook to the RC port of Pixhawk with pure Sbus, or you will have to use a Sbus to PPM converter.

Some thing I did find out about the PixHawk is you must use a ESC that has the 5V Pos+ wire to power the Servo Rail,

I purchased six OPTO ESC's and they do not have the 5V POS+ wire, only a Signal, Ground wire, so I will have to use a UBEC to power the Pixhawk 8 Servo Rails.

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