Created Self Learning PID Algorithm library

I did some research and implemented a self learning PID algorithm. It is located in my cloned repo I really like how it turned out. I hope you all are able to use it with success i'm lacking hardware right now to do further testing. 

For those looking at the repo it is in the libraries/PID/ location.

I couldn't figure out how to add a parameter to the EEPROM memory so it is 95% implemented.

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  • Matt how are u grabbing the individual PID gain values? I thought the SLPID controller sums it all up into a single plot?

    I have integrated the SLPID model with a UAV's state space matrix. So far, it isn't working. The SLPID isn't able to stabilize the responses of the MIMO system. it does wonders on a SISO transfer function... but that's it.

  • These are the results from my MATLAB / SIMULINK test. I used a simple transfer function of 1/s+10 with a step input. I did have to add a rate limiter to the derivative because it was exploding when it first got hit with a step.

    I haven't added a rate limiter to the code, but i'm going to. I also need to find a way to monitor values inside my SLPID while i'm doing HIL or SITL tests.


  • Developer

    Out of curiosity, were you able to use the SITL in the cloud?

  • Developer

    Matt, How would you expect this self learning PID algorithm to cope with nested PID control loops? I am thinking that if I used this library for the Stab PIDs and the Rate PIDs it may not work. Thoughts?

    I will try with Rate gains first.



  • Developer

    This is super cool! I made a very caveman-like attempt at this a while back... this is much better.

  • Neat! Something is telling me your apm 2 gonna ship much kicker than you think :D

  • I figured out the param_table.h, c files and generated my new ones that should work with the self learning PID. Located at me cloned repo

  • Here is the self learning PID diagram.


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    Can you tell us more about this? Is it based on ArduPlane or ArduCopter?

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