I've been looking for a way to set my home location after the APM2 is powered up. So I can get everything working on the edge of a field, then walk in to the middle and set home before I launch.

If I create a simple mission:


Would that update the home location when I switched the plane to Auto?

If not, is there anything I could add to make it work?

If I added



Would that continually loop, updating the home location until I turned Auto off? Would the mission remain incomplete so I could run it again later without resetting the APM2?

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Thanks for all the suggestions of taking a laptop/notebook to the field. All I want is to set my home location. I thought it was a small, simple request. I don't want to go and buy a laptop or a telemetry radio system just to set home.

The available equipment to be used for this exercise is...

A plane with an AMP2 in an inaccessible location deep inside the fuselage.

An FPV setup on the plane with a camera, MinimOSD and a video transmitter.

An 8ch RC transmitter. (ch5 is free, the rest are used)

A video receiver with Fatshark goggles.

I'm happy to modify the plane before it goes to the field, eg add a push button, but I don't want to take any extra equipment to the field.

Randy, I'm also curious about this.  I always assumed that "home" is set when I arm?  Maybe that explains why my copter kept RTLing to my van rather than the launch position last time I tried RTL?

I would like some clarity on this.

Eddie, I think your goal is reasonable, and attainable.  Part of the problem is probably that nobody even knew this was an issue.  I didn't.

What I might suggest is this:  If the aircraft is disarmed, then holding the *right stick* down and left will set home.  This should be followed up with some sort of feedback, blinking of the lights, or wiggling of the control surfaces?

The idea that the status quo is safer is ridiculous. Why is it safer to allow people without GCS/telemetry to RTL to an unknown location safer than providing them a way to set a known location?  Either take away the ability to RTL without a GCS, or let's fix this.

I don't think anybody would appreciate my big heli RTLing to the picnic table in the pits that I set up on.

Should I be RTL'ing at all with a GCS?  Well that's a good question.  There's many reasons why that would be safer.  Throughout history, RC helis (and other aircrafts) do something completely unpredictable when radio link is lost.  Ultimately, they have an unplanned landing somewhere.  Where do they land?  Well, 99.999999% chance they land anywhere OTHER than the runway.  Again we get back to the point about "mechanical safety", and again the simple fact is, aircraft cannot be stopped.  They don't have brakes.  Runaway airplanes are missiles until they hit something, usually at high speed.  Runaway helis have whirling blades of death which cannot be stopped until they hit something, or have 1 minute to wind down on their own.  Even if you tried to shut it down mid-air, they will crash with a rotor speed still well above 1000rpm.

So, in the case where somebody is flying something, without a GCS, what better thing could we possibly do than RTL to the runway?  Why would we want them to RTL to the pits, or maybe somewhere over there?  Or why would we want them to just fly off into the horizon, or crash at some unknown location?

There's no logical reason to disallow people to set a safe Home location without a GCS.

So again, I propose full down and left on the right stick when disarmed, followed by confirmation, (if that isn't already used for something else).

Why down and left instead of down and right?  Because it avoids the possibility of confusion and accidentally setting a new home location when trying to arm.  And if one accidentally did it while they are armed and trying to disarm (full down and left on the left stick), then nothing will happen, because you're armed.


That sounds perfectly logical, currently for a 'copter 15 secs down and left (of the rudder stick) resets the level, but maybe 5 secs down and left should set the home location, if you do *need* to reset level you probably won't mind setting your home location too.

For arducopter we could potentially delay grabing the home location until the motors are armed....that would be the last possible moment on the ground when we could get this value.

> There's no logical reason to disallow people to set a safe Home location without a GCS. I agree. But what was first proposed was that the APM simply waits for an unknown time then sets it's home location. Since people with no telemetry are using the 3D fix light to know when the GPS and home is locked that method would likely result in people sending up their aircraft before a home location is set.

That's not what I get at all.  What was being proposed was he wanted to create a mission script to be uploaded to the aircraft which did nothing but set the home location.  So, when the aircraft is on the intended location, switch to auto, and it still store the location.

From there people proceeded to come up with other ideas to store the location, such as using a button that is currently unemployed.

Eddie, all you would need is a pushbutton and a single resistor to be added to one of the digital inputs of the arduino. I'm not familiar with the APM2 (don't own one) but if there is a free one routed to one of the outside pins (maybe one of those you mention) that it would be a three minute soldering exercise. Or maybe there is even an unused one on the APM2 as well, no idea. I'm gonna take a look at the eagle files when I have time.

Personally, I would always prefer a dedicated solution rather than an esoteric stick combination which can be confused with control inputs.

Honestly, that's what I thought it already did.  I guess I was wrong.

After all the posts on this thread, I'm still really confused about when home is set.

And don't forget the dialog box that comes up when you load the waypoints from the APM - it asks if you want to reset home, and I've never been able to figure out what it meant - where it's at now?  where the script says home is?

Is there any way to see in the Planner where the FC thinks home is right now, where it will presently RTL to?

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