• Dear fellows,


    I am a new player in UAV. Currently doing a project. I have a Spektrum DX6i transmitter and the aux switch is a 2 way on-off switch. From the information on UAVDevBoard V3, a 3 way switch will be the best way to change it's mode to either manual/stabilized/autopilot. Also, i have learnt that, it can be done with a 2 way switch and trim. Since my transmitter only has a aux switch 2 way..which trim button will i be using to switch the mode? Or is there anything i need to do to configure the exact trim mode?


    Please advise and any comments will be much appreciated.

  • First I'd like to express my appreciation for this amazing project and the impressive results.


    While trying to understand the code I couldn't figure out the logic behind the divertive component of the pitch_control


    pitchAccum.WW =  (__builtin_mulss( rmat8 , omegagyro[0] )

    -          __builtin_mulss( rmat6 , omegagyro[2] ))/2 ;



    I'd appreciate it if someone would explain me the above lines taken from normalRollCntrl method and specifically ,  why the pitch angular velocity is being multiplied by Zz (rmat8) component and how the roll velocity  (omegagyro[2] ) is relevant,



    Also, is there any kind of firmware explanation document published? If yes, where can I find it?





  • Hi there,

    I am using UAVdevboard- red board. I am using the following UBLOX GPS module: (GS 407 module).
    I programmed the UAVdevboard using MatrixPilot firmware that can be found here:
    I used MatrixPilot-2.5-RC-1.

    However when I start the UAVdevboard I don't seem to get any GPS lock (even after waiting for 15-20 minutes). The GREEN led is ON and RED led si OFF (after blinking couple of times).
    I changed options.h file as follows:
    // Set this value to your GPS type. (Set to GPS_STD, GPS_UBX_2HZ, or GPS_UBX_4HZ)
    #define GPS_TYPE GPS_UBX_4HZ

    Is there any programming I should do for the GPS module in order to have it working with the UAVdevboard?

    I know that Arduino autopilot required the user to reprogram the UBLOX GPS module if the GPS module didn't come already programmed for Arduino use.
    Is there a similar thing to be done for the UAVdevboard?

  • Anybady could spend a little time to explain the altitude holding Algorithm of MatrixNav for me?
    It seems very hard to be understood. Thanks a lot.
  • Would there be any interest in adding an angle of attack sensor and a crab angle sensor to MatrixPilot? I envision two simple wind vanes attached to potentiometers to detect the angle of the wind in the horizontal (cross wind) and vertical directions (angle of attack). Would something such as this be beneficial to the DCM, attitude, or navigation algorithm?

  • Hello,

    Sorry about my bad english. I want to use UAVDev for telemetry only. I make a PC software to show telemetry but I find serial output rate is not enough to drive my plane in real time. I try modify timer 3 to increse this rate but I can't find where part of code is this. Could you please help me.?

    Thanks a lot.
  • Hi Billu

    Its a nogo on the compiler, I just cannot download it?? I have tryed 2 computers and it will not let me have the free eval version??

    I sign in, click on the eval version and all that happens is it directs me to the sign in box again and again!!!!!??????

    It is such a waste of precious time, is there not another compiler that will work?

    Any clues?

    Kind regards
  • Billu

    Thank you for the encouragement, I will uninstall MPLAB and reinstall it ( I have allready done this with the C compiler ).

    Regarding the free Evaluation C compiler, my laptop would not allow me to download it? Only the full version that requires $$$ which is the one I downloaded!!

    I agree that problems help to gain a better understanding of any system and I am enjoying the chase

    Best regards and thank you for all the help
  • Thanks Billu
    I'm having a short break, will be back on all cylinders tomorrow.
    It is something simple, I know that and I will get to the bottom of it.

    One queery though, all the lights have stopped working on the UDB? is it possible that the programmer has wiped all code off the chip and they have no code?

    I will keep you informed of my progress

    Many thanks
  • Hi Bill,

    Are you prefer 500 degrees/second rate lieu using 2000 degrees/second InvenSense in UDB v3?
    Please explain it.

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