Ditch the GoPro, it's the Canon SD1400is !

Check it out




What we get :

14.1-megapixel resolution; 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD
28mm wide-angle lens; 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer
720p HD movie shooting capability plus HDMI output
Smart AUTO intelligently selects from 22 predefined settings
New scene modes such as Miniature Effect and Fisheye Effect; Low Light mode for dimly-lit situations.

Not to mention its a super slim super lightwieght camera I will upload test videos of it soon.

It's a super crisp camera with HD video recording at a very reasonable price for what it does. How would this come up on a tri/quad copter to any copterplane for this matter ? Compared to what I feel like most of the guys in this forum are using the GoPro. I'm asking for your opinion and thoughts. As I have a tri&quad copter build project this coming summer ( which I'm planning to record the whole thing. More on that later ) and currently modding up a bixler 2. And last but definitely not least ,, how will I have access to the camera from ground station? Whats the process of hooking the camera to the board of the plane ( wiring and what not) that will give me control of it from ground station.
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  • Any ActionPro users out there?

    We have one on loan in our 3DR quad.  Video to the ground is very nice.  Problem is powering it.  We put a linear 5V regulator between the 1Ah 3S bat that powers the vid transmitter and the ActionPro and found

    1) it will not operate without the battery in the camera

    2) it draws 480ma with the cam off, 750ma with the LCD back on, and 680ma without the LCD back.  This makes the linear regulator quite hot and will drain that 1Ah battery unacceptably fast.

    How does that compare with the GoPro?  Does the GoPro require the battery in the cam to operate?  Anyone powering it from an external battery?  How much current does it draw?

  • mah...ditch all this and think about this


    or the best one 


  • Whoa! CCD 


    No More Jello!


  • I like the price but don't think as good as gopro spec's. Think you need that high speed HD frame rate.

  • That's a great camera that offers a lot of features not found in the GoPro cameras. It's good to know there are alternatives out there. Having said that, I'm still going to stick with my HERO3 Black Edition (higher frame rate, higher resolution, lighter, rugged case if needed, higher bit rate recordings). GoPro does a lot of things wrong as a company (customer service, public relations) but their cameras are hard to beat in my opinion.

  • It certainly is a good price, but your missing the fast FPS of the GoPro i.e. 60FPS, or the ruggidised case, so it is vunarable to crashes. The new black edition can do some thing i would want and that is to video whilst taking photos every few seconds too, so you dont have to try and capture a frame from a video for later. It has HDMI out but does it allow video out whils recording too, again like the GoPro?

  • Though its really a great camera and can be used very well for FPV as well, it has its own place and for many many reasons based on specs, can not be compared with Gopro Hero 3. 

    Gopro Hero 3 is still unbeatable, have any doubt ? ....go ahead and challenge !

  • Has anyone judged the jello differences between the various GoPros?  I have the original GoPro and I find it really tough to isolate well enough.  I have always thought a CCD camera would make it so much easier but as someone pointed out.  The GoPro in its case is pretty tough compared to a normal consumer camera.

  • dont forget about gopro's anti shock case...
    it would be cool to build a 3D printed protective case for this camera

  • Similar to the GoPro in capability but more tailored for RC use is the FoxtechFPV Horyzon V3 camera. It has a camera switch option for triggering stills or video from an rc (or presumably an APM) channel. You can also easily switch lenses if you dont wish to have such a large field of view.
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