Dashware looks to be a pretty nice tool for overlaying telemetry/log data onto HD video.

It was recently acquired by GoPro and is now free to download and use.


It doesn't have built-in support for APM log files for some reason, only through something called "flytrex".

There are a few videos on youtube where people say they used their own method to convert APM logs to Dashware data (it can operate on .CSV files) so It should be pretty straight-forward, but I don't want to spend a bunch of time on this if someone else already has a tool or script.

Please share if you know where such a thing is available.


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  • The scrip definitely works and converts to .csv. But does the xml also work for the rover?

    *referencing script from https://github.com/OverloadUT/apm-dashware using cmd (note: both BIN and script in the same directory, and python 3.0 is installed on my macbook pro)

    >> python sdlog2_dump.py 153.BIN -e -f 153log.csv -m GPS -m ATT -m NTUN -m CTUN -m MODE -m CURR

    Its really a two part question...

    What is the xml for? Why is it needed? And will the APM.xml work for the rover APM logs?

    Thanks for any help,

    Collection of scripts for getting APM flight logs to play nice with Dashware - OverloadUT/apm-dashware
  • 100KM

    This worked for me, thanks. Now if I can only get DashWare to play my gopro footage as easily..

  • 3702256728?profile=originalThanks to all who laid out the necessary bread crumbs here for me to find my way through this today.  I was able to install python, run the conversion script, install and configure Dashware, and get a basic overlay working.  Anyone know of custom gauges that are high-end HUD like displays?  Would rather not reinvent the wheel if possible.


  • Great job Mirko ! Thanks for update.

    Dashware is a great software.

  • I've added a template to github for helicopter overlay ;)

    Sample.jpg?width=500Here a live sample


    • Can we do something with the telemetry log beside exporting to GPX? the log limitation on the APM makes it hard to store a long multiple flight. I just back home from several flight and got some of the log already been overwriten.

      • The best answer is to upgrade to a pixhawk.  Its log is on the sdcard and therefore essentially unlimited in size.

        • I finally managed to download the .bin log from my APM, while i use sdlog2_dump it ended with KeyError :180, any clue about this?

    • Thank you for all the effort
      I've copied all the dashware files in the designated folders
      which arduplane version did you test is on?
      im using clone pixhawk with 3.4.0 arduplane, mine does not show hdop, flightmode, vert speed,  dist from home, ampere, max alt

      as shown in pic below

      Please guide me, thanks in advance


      • i'm using arducopter 3.3.2

        in your csv log there is the hdop value (GPS_HDop) ?

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