I just finished the initial build of my very first arducopter (the Y6 DIY kit)... however, I am unable to get it to arm!

I do not yet have the GPS/Compass as it is backordered, but everything else is installed.

I have successfully calibrated the ESCs, I can see the control sticks input in the Mission Planner and have configured the Frame Type, Accel, and Radio.  However, I cannot get the APM to arm in order to start testing my motor directions.  All the motors turn at the end of ESC calibration.

Any advise?

**EDIT: I  can successfully use the "ARM/DISARM" button in the MP (via the telemetry radio) but the APM disarms itself after several seconds.  I was able to use the short periods of forced arming to get my motors wired correctly... but I still can't arm normally or keep it armed artificially.

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You may need to disable the fail safe parameter. It won't let you arm without a GPS.
You can also test prop rotation via the command line.

So just to confirm: I won't be able to arm the APM 2.6 until I get the backordered GPS installed?  There's no way to start practicing Stabilize Mode?

No, you can arm it, you just need to disable the failsafe option that requires it (this was added in 3.0.X) I think.

Disable the fail safe parameter and you can arm.
Disable 'Pre-Arm' check.
Go to Adv. Parameters list,
Set 'Arming_check' to zero.
Maybe you could just disable the compass from 'Hardware options'

Just an FYI, you can arm without the GPS installed and leave the failsafes on.

I didn't try with out the compass though.

Thank you!  This info helped me find and disable the appropriate parameter and arm the board successfully.

It worked once I disabled both checkboxes in the Compass screen.  I'm a little uneasy about my planned initial flight tomorrow considering I'm missing "required hardware", but I'm really too excited to wait another week or so just to try it out :)

Perfect!  I modified the parameters and unchecked both boxes in the Compass screen and it armed easily afterwards.

A word of caution. Take it slow and keep in low. Take a lot of time, i mean a lot of time and learn to fly in stabilize mode really well. The skills you learn flying stabilize mode will come in handy when things go wrong in other flight modes and they will go wrong. I also have saved a note about "Pre-Arm" parameter for future reference. Have fun and fly safe.

Thanks for all the info!  The first flights went smoothly today (although the AIL channel had to be reversed for some reason)... I am glad I had daily practice with a mini quadcopter for the past few weeks to get the controls down, I can't imagine flying a big machine like this without having a good feel for the controls.  The practice translated really well and I plan to keep flying low in Stabilize mode in fields for the next few weeks.  The Y6 is a powerful beast!

What mode would you suggest learning after Stabilize?

Be sure you can fly really well in stabilize. Can you fly low across of level area and maintain altitude? Can you fly 70 meters up and land in 30 seconds or less. Can you fly without simple mode and have your controls turn backwards and still manage to recover and fly back home in stabilize? When you are really good at stabilize, the next flight mode is Altitude Hold, then Loiter, then RTL, then start with simple Auto missions with just 2 waypoints. Spend a lot of time experimenting with all the different auto options and understand how they work or don't work. Some auto functions don't work as the wiki says they should or how you might think they should. Keep it simple and understand before you try any really complex missions.

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