Dronecell Integration Needed ASAP - $1000 prize

I'm looking for help in getting the Dronecell integrated with APM 2.12 so that I can use it for two-way telemetry. I assume the biggest issue is getting the IP address and then setting up a virtual COM port to connect to it... If possible, I'd like to have this done by Friday.

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  • I would like to know as well found this but I think its along the same lines:


    thinking about doing this instead for my project:


  • Having extensive experience developing communication and telemetry systems on cellular technology, I would agree with Paul. Simply put, if you want _reliable_ bi-directional comms, TCP is your answer. If you are only interested in a telemetry stream, then UDP is your answer. While you can communicate bi-directional over UDP (got multiple T-shirts), its not worth the overhead on the hardware we have at our disposal today.

    Yes, it can be done. Is it the best way to do it, no.
  • ok, besides criticizing what I did - you did not even check if the APM or GCS does a sanity check for incoming data ?

    besides, I log to home - not sending data from GCS to AP - simply because I mostly use it to log - not fly by it - yet.

  • Success.

    Today, I did three flights with Dronecell telemetry. 

    Currently, APM did not init it, I started the UDP connection using another electronics, then hot-connected it to APM, and flew.

    If a competent, good programmer with APM knowledge would help - we could get this integrated into APM.

  • I think this "transparent mode" looks very interesting - and easy ?


  • any progress ?

  • Any updates on this??  Am very interested aswell..

  • Any updates on this? I'm thinking about trying this with an old Nokia phone that has serial in/out. Did anyone try connecting a generic serial device to the serial 3 port on the Ardupilot Mega?

  • I to am interested in seeing this thing work... I myself will try to get something working here in the future, once I to purchase a drone cell... The voltage and currents are not the problem, because there or circuits that can voltage sift or step up to step down voltage and or current... On their website the have generic communications code that shows how they would implement each of the communication ways... I.E. send text or emails or such etc... they also share how they would use UDP and TCP/IP and all that good stuff so I think in the end, it will be the coding of the APM to the drone cell which will be the only problem... I am just now starting to look into the coding of APM...


    If we can get a team going to work on this, that would be great... I would like to help in any way I can...

  • Even if I had a DroneCell and even if I had the created a link for two-way telemetry I would only get reception when I crashed thanks to not being allowed to fly near civilisation. Is this really worth £1000 worth of effort when reception should be sketchy is used legally?


    I totally agree in having it on standby and if a crash is detected it send you a text with info about the crash so you can try to find it.

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