Drones also banned from public parks? (CA Bay area, San Jose)

Hi All,

I tried to figure it out if the drones are banned out from all type of parks in the SF Bay area (CA) or just from national parks. (All the articles are talking about the disturbance of the wild life... well :) not so much in San Jose) 

Anybody from the area knows some place where it's legal to fly somewhere around San Jose? 

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They are also banned in East Bay Regional parks, Here's a map of those: http://www.ebparks.org/parks

I planned to fly it at the Bay Trail what's actually a thrash dump behind Yahoo, but based onMyROZ  that's a no flying  area (I think because of Lockheed) :( That would be just awesome for me as I'm woking @Y!

I know that there's a RC airfield sccmas.org at Morgan Hill, but that kind of costy (and I'm not sure that needed for the testing phase, or needed for a quad/hexa copter at all).

So please anybody in the Bay Area let us know where can we fly.

Are you guys having a drone community in the Bay? I assume you're from the Bay... I would be happy to join or meet you to discuss and may fly together. I'm kind of new to this, I've just started to build my drones for a year, but till now I spent most of the time to build and not to fly (or fly it in my backyard :) ).  

We have a meetup ("Friday Flyday") every other Friday at the Berkeley Marina. You can sign up here

That's cool, thanks. Let me see when can I do it.

They did just ban East Bay Regional parks, which is most of the open space in the Bay Area.  I'll have to call them because I have two pending jobs that I filed a COA for at two dams.  It's hard hat area, so I think it will be fine.  

There's Bedwell Park in Menlo Park.  There's also Baylands park near Milpitas.  I see a lot of people practicing there, almost too many.  

I went to Treasure Island tonight.  I've been working so hard at getting accuracy with the 3D stuff, I forgot to just enjoy myself & get some great shots.  

I have a secret spot no one's discovered yet too :)  I practice both the flying and the 3D meshes there.  

I sail out of the Berkeley Marina Chris (w/ OCSC), I'll sign up one of these times.  


This is a disturbing trend. Looks like it won't be long until until multi rotors will only be allowed at clubs with all the other RC enthusiasts. That's bound to slow down the uptake. 

The AMA will love that.

Well, it was bound to happen. Like traditional RC, drones can be used in ways that are invasive and dangerous to the public. So it's a good thing that we have dedicated spaces set up for their use.

That's just the Bay Area.  I'm sure for Superbowl Sunday week there will be a complete ban.  This is just really busy airspace too.

The thing about drones is how useful they are to collect data.  I don't think that will go away, I think that's here to stay while the rest of the regulations get sorted out.  Unfortunately, the bad is outweighing the good in the press.  

I don't disagree with having a good walk spoiled by a loud drone @ an East Bay Regional park. 

I live in the country with miles of open space, but will be lumped in with the city dwellers. Only since the invention of the FC system using gyros, accelerometers, baro, GPS et al and sophisticated code has it been possible to fly a model aircraft with such ease and precision. Comparatively, flying "traditional" RC usually meant suicide for your plane prior to just a few years ago.

The RC industry is going to plummet in the coming months. People are not going to join clubs and get in line to fly their toys like waiting for a ride to open at an amusement park as was done in the 'good ole days' at AMA fields. I lost my respect for AMA 25 years ago.

To gain additional insight I would suggest going to https://skyvector.com/ and search for SFO.  Or just pan the map over to your area and zoom in.  Class B Airspace is the blue rings around SFO - it is like an upside down wedding cake.  SFC means it starts at the surface. San Jose is magenta so it's Class C.  It's really hard to make out the parks on the Sectional.  Some of them are marked - light blue lines with dots.  Really just gives you some context into what is going on around you when it comes to aviation operations.

The VFR Sectional is an eye chart so they created Know Before you Fly:


According to know before you fly:

"Community-based guidelines require recreational operators to give notice for flights within 5 statute miles of an airport. Notice must be given to the airport operator or air traffic control tower, if the airport has a tower."

AND THEN you have your local rules and regs for parks etc.  Sorry, can't help you with Bay Area when it comes to parks. 



I agree, I tell people what happened to drones is GPS.  

I use sky vector all the time to file COA's.  I overlay it on google earth to file.  I'm a private pilot w/ an exemption.  

What scares me the most is the drone traffic @ the Golden Gate.  They're incredible shots, it's also the small plane flight route around Class B.  I've also seen Coast Guard and other helicopters shoot the bridge (fly under it).  One guy assured me Coast Guard doesn't do that, and sure enough while we were sailing - they did.  

If you were the average tourist with a drone, you wouldn't know the bridge is a route.  I wouldn't know if I wasn't a pilot.  

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