Ever since upgrading to mission planner 1.3.27 I get this message blasted on the flight data with both Arduplane 3.3.0 and Arducopter 3.3 RC4.

This error is not present in mission planner 1.3.26.

Please advise what is causing this error and how to correct it?

Thank You

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I get exactly the same with MP 1.3.27 and Arducopter v3.3RC5. I have no idea what it means, but good for those experiencing this to report it here so devs can realise the scope of the issue.

I also got exactly the same with MP 1.3.27 and Arducopter v3.3RC5.

Any Idea to solve?

Same issue after the upgrade.  I am now grounded......

You should be ok to fly with it. From my understanding it is an issue with a new ardupilot parameter that mission planner doesn't know how to properly interpret yet. I flew yesterday with it and worked perfect.

I am setting up a new vehicle. I'd rather wait until the issue is resolved before I maiden it.  It's ok though, raining here in NW Florida anyway.... I'll shoot for next weekend.

I'm also having this problem. It started to happen this error after I've updated Mission Planner today to 1.3.27

I have pixhawk installed on a plane and I have firmware version 3.3.0

I can't even arm the motor because this error seems o be fatal.

I was today supposed to make the first flight, and this was really a very anoying pain!
Does anyone else knows how to solve this?

There is a new version of MissionPlanner 1.3.28 which I believe should resolve the issue.  Please upgrade to it and let us know how you go.

Thanks, Grant.

It worked! That nasty error disappeared.

But still, I can't arm the plane and test the motors at home, where I don't have GPS signal.

I used to do it without problems before. Is it a new feature of the most recent firmware?

Thanks anyway for the help!

Whenever a new release is done everyone should read the release notes as they contain valuable information regarding the new features and behaviours in the new software.  If you have a look here


You will see the first section is on the new Arming functionality and it refers you to this link


which describes the details of plane arming.

Thanks, Grant.

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