We are developed low cost controller named F4BY.

project members
Maxim Strinzha - Programmer
Sergey Lipnickiy - hardware designer and programmer
Alexey Kozin - dedicated to the popularization and promotion,  technical support.

Hardware details

APM2 classic sensors set + STM32F407 + sd card + fram

one board , two layers, 50*50mm size

We did software HAL layer  and tested it with firmware ARDUCOPTER 3.3.2 and Arduplane 3.4.
Hardware and software has been tested in a test flights, everything is fine.

We would like to integrate the project into a common repository Diydrones.

The current software version is here https://github.com/swift-flyer
we are ready to provide open hardware circuit board in case it is needed.

I wonder whether such integration  Diydrones and what you need from our side for this integration?

F4BY  set 


experimental samples


first tester)


mounted at 250 frame 


250 frame pid settings for littlebee 20a + damped light here

good fly any wind and turbulence tested at 2 different copters 250 size

FPV video



 http://forum.rcdesign.ru/f123/thread456525.html (RU)

 http://forum.apmcopter.ru/threads/kontroller-f4by-2-x-x.100/ (RU)

interfaces F4BY:

5 USART (one inverted)

1 SPI (free hardware port)

2 I2C (external i2c1 - full access, internal i2c2 not available to the user)


4 external ADC input

2 internal ADC

3 GPIO pins available

8 PWM outputs

8 input-output PWM (supported input PPM, PPM-Summ, DSM, S-BUS)

1 access to the beeper (PWM)

1 input sonar connection (either a timer or interrupt 9-5)


eagle schematic f4by v2.1.5 here



any questions here or kozin@mail.ru

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  • eagle schematic f4by v2.1.5 here

  • Developer

    Love It. ( I'm a stm32 fanboy :) ) 

    Is there a spec, such as number and type of ports (USART, I2C, CAN, SPI Servo outputs SBUS options, ADC) etc etc.

    I would hope that a schematic will be made available if you want it to have official support. Closed source hardware would make it a non-starter for me. Would be nonsensical surely

    • classic apm2 sensors 

      -mpu6000 gyro accel

      -ms5610 baro

      -hmc5883 compass

  • Developer
    Do you have any further details on the hardware? For example what "classic sensors" did you use? Also, do you have a price? How can it be purchased?
    • we plan to set the value for the end user $ 65, but are ready to send developer samples for cheaper then IC set cost

      • I would like to test one. Can you tell me the way to get it?

        • send me email kozin@mail.ru . 
          I will send in response to your mail paypal invoice 

  • Developer
    To get it integrated integrated into upstream, you must rebase your branch on to master then create a new pull request and we will evaluate it and give you feedback. Once we are happy with it we will merge it in. https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pulls

    Also, for new hardware we require that you provide a person who is the maintainer for when people have questions about it we can forward them to you.
    ArduPlane, ArduCopter, ArduRover source. Contribute to ArduPilot/ardupilot development by creating an account on GitHub.
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