Wanted to share my experience in hopes of saving someone else the massive waste of time and money, and in the slim case management from 3DR reads this and is aware of the misleading, and possibly fraudulent activities goes on within their company.

5 weeks ago I placed my first order with 3Drobotics. I received

-1 broken motor

-2 broken ESC's

I suspected I did not have SimonK flashed ESC's, but was assured "there is no possibility of this, we only sell simonk flashed ESC's". OK.


I ordered 2 additional motors & 3 ESC's to replace my brand-new-broken-equipment. When I receive this, 2 of the ESC's say "simonk" on the sticker (and one of two new motors is broken). I call 3DR to find out - tech support then says my other, original 4 ESC's are NOT simonk, and that would send me 4 more that are 100%, for sure, simonk flashed firmware.

4 ESC's arrive without the Simonk sticker. I call support again, actually speak to a technician and make them listen to the codes over and over, and they assure me the 4 new ESC's NOT labeled with "simonk" are actually simonk, and the 2 I have that are labeled "simonk" need to be sent back to them.

I have:

-been lied to by multiple 3DRobotics employees on the phone (sales & tech support) as to what kind of ESC's I have in attempts to make me go away. Maybe sales does not know how to identify an ESC.. but technical support? there is no excuse.

-experienced a crash, at my expense, due to mismatched ESC's cutting off while the others kept running.

-received 3 distinct hardware versions of supposedly the same exact item. 1 had simonk, 2 others did not. I say different hardware because they have different length wiring, are different physical dimensions and have different board layouts.

-paid for shipping 4x on mistakes made by 3dr. and of course, each time prepaid for all items & had to wait at least 2 days for an order, with ALL ITEMS IN STOCK, to ship. 3DR 'Next day' = 3Day

If you have ordered an ESC from 3drobotics in the last 5 weeks, chances are you do not have a SimonK loaded ESC. Also, you may have mismatched hardware running the same firmware or maytech firmware with different settings (ie: low voltage cutoff). I would HIGHLY suggest checking to see what you actually have and avoid a crash. Besides being DUPED by 3Drobotics.

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We're investigating this issue. The ESCs come from a supplier and we are not aware of an issue with the firmware not being loaded as per spec. But I've asked the team to test them to see if they can verify what you're seeing.


In Chris' defence, he's an active follower of all "3DR" topics here, and will help where he can.

However these stories do happen with alarming frequency so one hopes there is some serious board-level review of 3DR's supply logistics and QOS.

Hi Chris,

I have the same problem, I ordered a completely built Hexacopter from your company, and it came shipped with 6 ESCs with the standard FW from Maytech (see this discussion: http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/please-help-in-setting-up-3dr...).


I too had a crash since two of them did a voltage cut-off way too soon (see this discussion: http://diydrones.ning.com/forum/topics/arducopter-3-0-1-released?id... for all the logs).


They were not even programmed the same! Some of them had the brake setting on, and some did not! Eventually I got the manual which allowed me to program the ESCs such that they behave all the same with the low voltage cut-off set etc (got the manuals from Maytech directly).


When I got the Hexacopter, the APM was loose, and the dampers did not stick anymore. Furthermore one of the propeller hubs was very untrue. I asked for a replacement which got sent. Unfortunately the WRONG ONE got sent. My hexacopter came with the higher KV motors with the black hubs and black motors, and the replacement you sent was the standard blue hub :-(


Now I am stuck with the wrong ESCs on the hexacopter and still a vibrating motor due to the untrue hub.


Can you help me (customer 2624)?






John, please send your request to the customer service team (help@3drobotics.com). I'm not able to handle these individually.

Hi Chris and all,

I am having the same problem here. My order (Order #: R586630357) says "ESC 20 Amp with SimonK" but was shipped with the standard FW. Even throttle calibration works different! This might be an explanation for some crashes reported on DIYDrones. Luckily I came across John's post right before I wanted to start PID tuning/take off.

So now, how and when do I get the correct ESCs? The problem is that I already soldered the standard FW ones to the PDB. BTW: the MayTech manuals mentions not to flash the SimonK firmware on your own and "If you need ESCs specially for multirotor application ... Your best choice is Simon K firmware ESC."

Kind regards,


PS: Additionally, the some cables of the "six wire connector" also were/came loose...


Thorsten: Please report it to the customer support team (help@3drobotics.com). Once the engineers can examine the inventory of ESCs from the Chinese supplier and determine what exactly happened in that batch, they can send replacements or otherwise suggest a fix. 


Ok! Thanks!


We are checking into this issue to find out where the problem is exactly.

If you have any images of those esc it would help to send them over, so we can compare to what we have here.

We will let you know what happened asap.

Hi Lorenzo,

Attached are the images of the remaining two types I have - the first type i sent back already; those did not say simonk and behaved like maytech ESCs


Should I be contacting customer service or waiting for a response through here?

Please work with customer support. They have now been alerted and will work with the warehouse team to investigate which supplier batch was affected and how to remediate.

Hi to all,

Same situation of Thorsten. In my order #R645140716 there were five (5) ESC 20 Amp with SimonK. They arrived.

No one report on the stck the "SimonK firmware"!!! I wrote 4 times to the customer support. I said.." There is no SimonK mark on it, I can normally program the parameters of the ESC, like Breake, Lipo count, ecc..... this is not SimonK firmware..."

All four times the answer was... be sure they are SimonK!!!.... NOW!! What can I do? Lucky that all five ESC work and four are on my quad (wire cut, soldered).... but they are not what I bought.


Send picture? Send back from Italy to USA?


Are they releable? I had two crash, without broken part... could be the ESC?

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