• posted on march 6, 2009. did you got any further im really looking forward to get my truck to work
  • I'm currently outfitting a RoboMower with GPS, and machine vision guidance. I guess if I were to bring it out to a golf course, or soccer field, I could make use of GPS and the ArduPilot...
  • The project isn't described on their website, but the URL is
    Inertia-Labs - micro robot parts
  • Q: Has anyone put an ardu audio pilot to a rc truck or car?
    A: yes, but onto Arduino (RC toy truck + Arduino + GPS + WiFi + USB camera + USB memory stick)
  • I am planning to do it. Contrary to what other people may think, there is a point to that. I am a Senior Scientist at for a government agency that needs detailed river cross section information. There are about 10,000 stream gauging stations across the US, and, it costs a fortune to maintain that information, since river bottom topography changes quite frequently, especially after major flooding. In addition, there is a need to get total bathymetry for a number of river miles. It cost a fortune ($15,000 - 20,000 per point per year. Just do the math...) to maintain the information on river cross sections, and even more, to update the bathymetry for long river distances. Successful data collection by autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle would save the taxpayers millions of dollars a year. I may need to use a more powerful processor, to use real-time differential GPS, but, for now, I am using Ardupilot. I am planning to update this site with my progress.
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    I have not, and even though I used to race 1/8 th gas on-road cars, I do not see the point.

    There was an earlier comment that this would be a good way of testing the Ardupilot and refining the code, but given the resolution of the GPS, and the speed of the cars, I think it would not be accurate enough for a track at least.
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