I'm trying to setup my tricopter at home, in my office

my gps is locked and my tricopter on a table

My horizon in the flight planner is moving?? My tricopter don't move..

Is it because i'm inside and because my gps have not a good lock ?

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I was trying outside and i have the same result..

De data my apm 2.5 from my gps is like variable. The altitude is not correct (ex -1,5 m) en the position is moving + artificial horizon..

Interferences? is it possible to reset my gps 3dr? 

I have the same problem

I really don't know what is going on

same story here ...APM2.5, gps lock, tuned magneto, everything ok.   hexacopter on the table, but horizon moving like 

in a storm.


Someone an idea? I will try with a new GPS adapter cabel. Should it be the problem?

allmost certainly not but you can try by disconnecting the GPS.

maybe it is something in the software.

already done, my articial horizon is still moving...

I m also having the same problem !

I think there is some problem with Barometer readings.

i have tested barometer separately using Arduino IDE example code (comes in the package ArduCopter 2.7.3 ) and found that altitude reading is fluctuating too much within 2 meter range.

guys plz check out and let me know if u guys also getting same results.

and plz help me with this problem if anyone can...

a GPS will rarely give an accurate position while indoors or near walls due to multipath-ing. If you go outside you should see that it settles down.

what means "horizom moving"? 2.8.1. or 2.9.1?

up and down? or tilting left or right?

i believe this is not related to GPS but to gyros.

try to redo the calibration in CLI. I did have similar issue in 2.9.1, not in 2.8.1.

As long as i don't bind the gps i don't have any problem with the horizon.

i think i have a bad gps signal round my house. i will try tomorrow in an open area and check the difference

best regards

I had the same issue with ArduPlane 2.7 on 2 different APM 2.5's.  Are you by chance using the uBlox GPS?  I was getting the artificial horizon start to jump around with the uBlox attached.  I swapped the uBlox out for a MediaTek and the issue went away.  For me the issue is reproducible.  I have tried 2 different uBlox GPS on 2 different APM 2.5 and get the same result.  I put the MediaTek GPS on both APM's and the instability issue goes away.  I suspect its a software issue with the uBlox hardware drivers, but that is just speculation.

yes i'm using the 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6.

i made yesterday a test flight and i don't have any problem. The gps was fixed and the tricopter stable

it's maybe only a software problem who don't have any impact on the flight...

yes ublox here also

Im going to exchange it for my mediatek to see if it goes away ....see you in about half an hour :-)

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