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Patrick Helsemans posted a discussion
I hope someone will know the answer because i don't where i have to search :-) anymore..A few days ago (4/04/2013) I had a nice flight with my tricopter. It was windy (16 knots - gust 26 knots). No problem for loiter,  RTL and autolanding ! ! I…
Apr 7, 2013
Patrick Helsemans replied to Patrick Helsemans's discussion Horizon is moving on mission planner
"I was trying outside and i have the same result..

De data my apm 2.5 from my gps is like variable. The altitude is not correct (ex -1,5 m) en the position is moving + artificial horizon..

Interferences? is it possible to reset my gps 3dr? "
Mar 29, 2013
Patrick Helsemans posted a discussion
I'm trying to setup my tricopter at home, in my officemy gps is locked and my tricopter on a tableMy horizon in the flight planner is moving?? My tricopter don't move..Is it because i'm inside and because my gps have not a good lock ?
Mar 29, 2013
Patrick Helsemans posted a discussion
Hi,I'm not sure i'm doing good..I 'm flying with an apm 2.5, rx frsky, tx turnigy 9x.I saw the video of Mark Harrison on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7B0Sfyb6Uo ) explaining how to setup your failsafe setup on your frsky. I did it…
Mar 28, 2013