• Once I had a fork for APM based on this code working :

    I had trouble adapting it for pixhawk - trouble disabling read on serial while sending (HoTT is bi-directional on pin.)

    So I did not adapt it, but rather made my own onboard controller that uses mavlink<->HOTT.

    I guess Pixhawk is much easier to adapt to now, escpecially if FRSky is bidirectional too.

    So - most of the code is ready.

    Graupner HoTT telemetry for ArduCopter & ArduPilot - 3yc/hott-for-ardupilot
    • On PX4 software the HoTT telemetry works. 

      ST controllers can switch TX pins also to RX as bidirectional pin. So only the TX pin needs to be connected to the telemetry pin to HoTT. As the USARTs have DMA possibility it should be no problem to implement this.

      Does anybody working on the HoTT telemetry?

      Not only the telemetry data are interesting.

      The text mode would allow to implement the parameters and could allow changes of the parameters by the radio controller.

      f.e. PID settings could be changed by the telemetry.

      In case anybody needs the protocoll data or test equipment, please contact me. I would like to help testing the firmware, too.

      • I think the NuttX would need to get this funtionality added first - than it would not be a problem.

        There are tons of cool features that can be mased on text-mode HoTT 

        We could also add "go-to mission step"  and/or save/restore positions between battery packs, (save, land, resume photo-op)

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