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  • Maybe I should have been more specific in my earlier post.

    If you were to build or buy an aircraft for this task, this, or something a little larger, is the sort of airctraft you will need.

    It is significantly larger than the sort of thing we cover in this forum.

    Your payload may be only 40 Kg, but the fuel to travel that distance would be in the 25 Kg range. The total is stretching the friendship a bit, and enough fuel for a return trip in the case of not being able to land is questionable.

    If you have no experience in building aircraft it will take you years to get up to this level. Purchase is far and away the only option.

  • It's a slow afternoon over here, so I'll bite:

    The Boeing RQ-21 will satisfy your requirements:

    Of course, the price will be high - likely in the range of $0.5 million+

    Hope you've got a large budget!

    In terms of building your own, realistically you're going to need a team of engineers and technicians. The sorts of requirements your talking about go far beyond "DIY"!

    Boeing Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack
    The Boeing Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack, formerly called the Integrator, is an American unmanned air vehicle designed and built by Boeing Insitu to meet a…
  • HFT,

    I've been mulling over your challenge. I think we can help. At this stage, I would understand that you need to move an extraordinarily valuable 40kg a distance of 1000km over pirate infested waters (Ahrrrrr!) without using untrustworthy and overpaid commercial pilots. You are in a location that has no aviation legislation.

    We just need a bit more information;

    1) I know you said VTOL, but are there any runways on both islands? If so, how long.

    2) Are you able to wait to transport when there are no cross winds and the conditions are favourable? Do you need to allow foe strong headwinds and a range (with reserve fuel) of say 1500km. Or is the weather always good? Is the surf good? Fishing?

    3) Are you flying day or night?

    4) Would it be possible to land on the water close to the islands.

    5) How many flights per day are you wanting - i.e., are you looking for rapid turnaround and long maintenance periods?

    6) What fuel is available - avgas or ATK? - this makes a big difference as it's hard to find avgas everywhere.

    7) Are you at all concerned about your drone running into another aircraft? Could the payload be attacked an stolen by air pirates. Does in need a CIWS.

    8) What about on the ground? Are you able to clear a landing spot and secure it on each flight?

    9) What is the level of technical ability on both islands in terms of being able to prep the aircraft, supervise the launch and monitor the flight and landing.

    10) Do you have hangers on the island to protect the aircraft from salt air and corrosion? or does the aircraft need to be made from stainless steel?

    11) What colour does it need to be?

  • Here you go:

    95,000 Euros

  • Moderator
    Legal concerns aside, the solution to your many problems is- read, read, read, read, and read some more. Stop trying to assert the legitimacy of your idea and go out and absorb. You are getting negative feedback because many of us have an understanding of what it would take to fulfill these requirements, when you don't seem to have a realistic grasp.
    This is not meant to be insulting or discouraging, you can interpret it as "tough love". You're not going to get support from a community like this without giving them the respect of studying what they have been working on for a decade, contributing in return, or at least casting off some of the nefarious tint that your approach appears to have.

    Tl;dr- Go read and study this community, come back and be a part of it.
  • You have shown up here  asking the group how to do a very hard problem with no visible skill of your own.  The solution you seek has an infinite number of non-legal uses and you are very evasive about what its going to be used for.,,,,

    This is not a combination that will get you respect and useful help from a group that is very wary about farther government regulation of their hobby.

    My wild guess is that such a vehicle will be more than 60K each and disreguarding any required license stuff you should budget to loose 2 or 3 in the development process. On an absolute shoestring this is a $1M project.   Done competly with proper regulatory interface its at least $5M, done aerospace style its $100M  no one competent with a 1M project would approach it the way you have. So either you are way out of your league, a troll, or some media type out to write an omg look what you can do with drones story.  In any case as interesting as the technical problem is I don't think farther assistance to you without your being much more forthcoming helps this community and could do serious harm.

  • I do payload systems "professionally" for multirotors, and can assure you, you will not transport 40kg, 1000km in anything other than a gas-powered, reaper-sized behemoth. It will certainly not be a multirotor.

    For a start, the mechanism to restrain 40kg of load to something else will probably be 10kg on it's own. Even assuming it's a shape and density suitable for air travel. Then there are lateral forces that cargo will apply to the airframe. Your dream of a super lightweight vehicle will need to stay a dream.

    I'm still trying to work out who's trolling who here. If you are genuine hft, you have to accept that this is so far out of the realm of what is practical today, that you can understand why people are skeptical. Your responses aren't helping either.

  • It sounds like he wants start to finish instructions for how to build a Reaper in his garage with only commonly available parts and tools for the cost of a compact car.  Sounds reasonable.  I don't know why you guys aren't helping him more.

    • Exactly, what a bunch of selfish and uncooperative members this community has......, with all the solutions for such project widely available

      Anyway, this thread is getting more and more entertaining by the post, sad that @Gary has left the discussions


      • There should be some rules to prevent something pointless like this.

        The main reason being that no illegal activities will happen or be supported.

        1. Long range - 1000km back and forth is 500km, probably 400km with tolerance.

        2. Carrying a load size of a medium backpack - Is there something in the backpack that needs to get in an another country?

        3. Autonomous - Low risk, no human errors, no confronting with any authorities

        4. No problem with radars - Undeveloped country or who cares when it's flying on it's own and the authorities will probably have some hard time figuring out who's controlling it. He's not caring of other people getting hurt; those radars are used to prevent accidents.

        5. Not telling the payload, purpose or operating area like normal people - Well, there's something fishy going on... meaning the payload is not legal

        Someone should close this thread.

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