How to reduce the mag field reading

Hi guys,

It looks like my mag field is ~550, and I am reading that it should be ~330. My board is well above any power dist - it is about 65mm above the harness. Whats more - when the tuning option is on in the flight data screen, it looks like the mag field increases when I lift the board up off the copter. 

What gives? 

What are you guys doing to reduce your magfield reading?

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  • Hello Ted,

    I know that this is an old post but I'm experiencing the same issues than you... With my board outside of the frame my magfield is 570.

    Have you figured out what needs to be done to fix this issue?


  • Ted-

    Are you talking about the mag offsets? Mine were off the charts until I figured out that I need to eliminate ferrous metal from my air frame. Test your APM compass off the air frame with nothing but a USB connection to MP. Then compare to mounted in the air frame.


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