Ok those small UAVs controlled by a phone or watch are all over the place now.
Why there is no straight forward way for someone owning a pixhawk and a phone with droid planner to control it without having a RC connection established?

When I try to arm it from the phone with the RC radio off, it doesn't want to arm (droid planner 3/ tower app)

Even 3drobotics site says for their iris that there should be someone with RC connected ready to take control at any time.
Otherwise their commercials are pretty sweet, they just don't shoot the guy on the back holding the big controller

So, what is the work around?

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When Tower first came out it was easy to disable RC failsafe.

I flew a bunch of missions with just my phone and my DIY 3DR quad.

Now that I am having problems with Pixhawk (on a Tarot 650S) I am glad that it is not as easy as before as I have had to rely on my radio to safely land.

Its possible. But less safe.

Yes I get it it's not safe. I'm asking how to do it anyway.

I would like to know this too. I've got a standalone pixhawk with just a gps and 3dr radio (no craft) and disabled all the prearm checks and failsafes in the parameter list, but I still get the message 'rc failsafe' when I try and arm within tower.

Seems like it's a secret they want to keep from us.

Everyone knows, nobody tells.

Because if you don't know how to set it up you probably shouldn't be doing it yet. Read the wiki its all there.

exactly my thoughts  :)

ok, dad

Mr Pizza, act like a child and people will treat you as one. Safety is not a joke.  Hopefully when you learn this, and I'm sure with your attitude it won't be long, it won't be too expensive or life threatening.

What exactly in my original question was acting like a child?

I asked like a normal human being and was met with assholiness.

And now you give me lecture? 

I'm going to edit your post to remove the obscenity and consider this your first warning. We don't tolerate foul language around here. 

But you tolerate assholes?

When someone is being an asshole with me I'll be responding appropriately. Simple as that.

And being asshole for no good reason is the real problem here, not me saying what he deserved.

But I know you will only see the surface of the problem which is my reaction to the provocation.....

well whatever.

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