If you were building a X4 using a 3DR Quad frame, what motor/props would you use?

I have a Y6B, now am looking to build a X4, maybe X8 later on (there is no replacement for displacement as they say), but for now an X4 with high quality motors and props is what I'm looking at.

This build will be more for long flight times and reliability than sport flying. I figure there are many here that are running different motors/props than 3DR 850kv and 10x4.7.  I'd like to swing the largest props possible on this frame with the appropriate motor for the best flight times.

Help me out folks. I want to get the goods ordered this next week.

Power: 4s 6000 mah

ESC: Hobby Wing Quattro 4 in 1

FC: Pixhawk

GPS/Mag: 3DR

Telemetry: 3DR

Motor: ??

Props: ??

That leaves motors and props as the big question mark. Also, does anyone know the weight of the bare 3DR X4 frame?

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Did you every get an answer to the X4 frame weight? I am also looking for that info. 

Here is the reply from 3DRobotics:

1) What is the weight in grams of the 3DR Quad Frame kit?

Thank You!

Hi DG,

Did you order the frame?

Have you found the right motors/props combination?

Is that they are the same arms that the X8? Is it possible to add four other engines on it?



Picked up an unbuilt kit on Ebay a few weeks ago. Here are the specs:

Actual bare frame wt. (no motors/electronics, velcro, etc) - 689g,

Stock 2836-880kv motors (w/mounts + prop adapters) - 92g/1,

Stock 3DR 20A ESC - 35g/1,

10" 3DR stock 1047 propeller - 19g/1,

3DR power dist board unit - 39g,

GPS mast - 25g,

3DR GPS/Comp - 30g, and

3DR Pixhawk w/buzzer + switch - 46g.

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