Intervalometer or APM Triggers for Photomapping


Just started to experiment with some photmapping. Got two options to trigger my Canon Camera.

Either by APM ( I have a CHDK cable ) or by Intervalometer script.  Was wondering which would be better to use.

I have been using the intervalometer, but it seems this results in extra images during the upwind legs.

So APM triggers would be good ? Any drawbacks with this over the Intervalometer ? 

Thanks ! 

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  • I was using SDM with my Canon s100 shooting images every 2 seconds and I have to say it's money all day with that setup as you get plenty of image overlap which makes the stitching process much more accurate. With that said I just mounted a DroneDeploy unit for testing today and honestly I must say that all of that CHDK, SDM scripting is now pointless. The maps are uploaded to the cloud and stitched in real time right before your eyes! If you have an aerial mapping business you may want to check it out as it's a very disruptive technology for agriculture, mining and construction aerial imaging.

    • I have seen Drone Deploy and the pricing is unreasonable for a vendor. 

      • ...and this is strange. I'm the pilot for the Sacramento ESC and DD has a pic of the Sac site on the "construction" page. This is my first flights survey overlay. 


  • Here's as close as I've got without success. I am not knowledgeable on electronics. Am I close? I need visual aides! 


  • What's wrong with extra images during the upwind legs? The more overlap the better for mapping and photogrammetry I have found.

  • Look at this discussion on github:

    Also look here:

    CAM_TRIGG_DIST is awesome, but still needs some tweaks to be perfect. You will never use an intervelometer again.
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