Kevin Finisterre, DIYDroneSafety and Drone Savant persona

forum PM: "Just know that the 'imaginary' group you represent isn't so imaginary at all. But I guess you already know that" - silent DIYDrones user

This topic was setup in order to move degenerative conversation points away from the "Hex decided to leave and never come back" thread to a more appropriate location.

The original post wording stated that it "should be used as a sounding board to discredit the abrasive  comments made by myself and others that operate the DIYDroneSafety website, twitter feed, and the Drone Savant forum persona. Either take it off list or put it here... It appears as if we need a special topic to discuss WHY some people feel the need to be abrasive around here in order to get critical safety issues fixed. Some claim slander, damage, abusive behavior, libel etc., while others claim simply claim awareness and safety from half truths and lies by omission..."

^--- This was simply a conversation starter which had wonderful results.  Discussing the "need to be abrasive" really was not the point. This comment nails the actual point

I think there are specific and real issues, which Kevin is raising.  Most of his complaints about the code are at least valid, even if not easily solved.  His complaints about the documentation are also valid, and are easily solved.

Traditionally the following topics have produced some contention amongst the ranks of developers, moderators and end users. As such user understanding, vs. documentation, vs. code has been confusing at best and at times unsafe: 

PPM Encoder

Watchdog functionality for code lockup situations

Powering the APM with cheap ESC's via input rail (brownout problems)

These topics are *NOW* being actively investigated in a variety of forms and are producing valuable information. 

Safety Watchdog -

Watch dog added to shutdown motors if main loop feezes for 2 seconds (Randy) - 

Brownouts -

We're going to be shipping a stand-alone power supply (and voltage/current sensor) that will ensure that brownouts never happen. Hopefully in a few weeks. 

PPM Encoder logic explained -

With the discovery that the Turnigy 9x radios using original receivers and firmware, would act in a non-standard way and completely drop the throttle signal during fail-safe (same effect as a broken wire). The detection of single channel loss became a real problem, and a patch was made to detect single channel loss (throttle only) at the expense of some jitter and stick resolution.

New Original Paparazzi & APM PPM (servo2ppm?) logic flaw brought to light

Olivier found and documented some very real and very serious problems with the original Paparazzi PPM Encoder used by APM 1.x. What Olivier found and proved by extensive testing, was that that PWM channel sequences from certain R/C receivers would confuse the Paparazzi PPM Encoder. Resulting in the throttle channel (among others) locking up.

Hats off to developers like R_Lefebvre and people Monroe for stepping up (even if begrudgingly in Monroe's case) to help get to the bottom of these potentially serious safety issues -

When you are "The largest amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) community", it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. "Well they have flyways too" aren't the words of someone leading the head of the pack. Well can do better and deserve it. 

Stay Vigilant. 

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I was trying to show the folly of saying you're only going to post once to a thread like this.  It's like Lays potato chips, one is never enough.

It's just not okay to post PM's. in extreme situations you a mod can look at the WHOLE conversation If  you feel you are being personally threatened.

Our short conversation ended on a civil note, but you cherry picked part of  it to post before we were even finished.

The only way to know a story is to get the whole story.....for that reason and others  Private msgs need to stay private. If you post part of someones Private messages without there consent Im going to remove it....if asked by the person in question.

Please Respect Peoples Privacy

It's disappointing, and troubling, that some of the most uncivil discussion, including personal attacks, has come from a diydrones moderator.  It might be a good idea to give moderators pointers to resources on healthy community management.

I know they are not safe for plane text secrets. IF someone wants to circumvent security bad enough, they will find a way. BUT that does no change the fact that PM's are meant to be private. that is why they call them Private Messages. I may be a fool for thinking that....But just because the possibility exists for someone to compromise them, doesnt make them any less private.

I can easily open your mail box and read your private mail.That doesn't make them not private, it makes me a douche for invading someones privacy.

I can see it now, a judge somewhere is trying to decide whether a message between 2 party's is private or not.....Nope, they only used 128 bit encryption, the standard for private messages is 512!

Also please don't advise me on on tempering my language when not 5 hours ago you asked me "lick the place where you defecate from" (I paraphrased that for you)

   Im already disgusted with myself that I let it go this far.

By the way, my question was simply how many people were using the Drone Savant Account? I thought perhaps several different people.

All that happened here was he gave me a Snarky Answer, and I gave him a Snarky reply. IN PRIVATE

When he finally answered me after our little private "Tiff" I got my answer. and we ended our conversation amicably.

Ill be honest, I don't like his tactics.  I think that's obvious. 

But I'm also Mad at myself for getting dragged into this.

This whole thread is the a victim of what I call the Jerry Springer Effect. With each reply, we step lower and lower. Can we please end it? It's going nowhere at this point.  (Im asking you, not closing your thread)


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