Lack of replacement parts for 3DR vehicles

As a DIY enthusiast I'm puzzled why 3DR has drastically scaled back the replacement parts it sells for its vehicles.  Usually in a crash parts like the motors, props, arms, etc are damaged and 3DR continues to sell those parts.  But occasionally other parts break, currently I have a fully functional 2013 Y6 with a cracked bottom plate.  This and many other parts are not for sale and the feedback I've gotten from 3DR support states that they don't sell parts to older models (cause 2013 is pretty old).  I was even willing to use a 2014 Y6 bottom plate but was then told that 3DR doesn't sell that part and was directed to buy a new Y6 frame kit.  This seems very wasteful and not consumer friendly.  I used to be able to buy even screw, nut, and washer that made up each kit.  Do we need to start looking at other manufacturers for frames?

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  • I burnt up a motor or esc after a crash and i need to use this for a project with a rented camera by Monday so I can't even get one expedited in time. Why can't 3dr process and ship an order like anyone else that ships same day or at least the following day, my last parts order took 3 weeks I had to call several times before thyou wouled ship my parts

    Can't say I'd recommend them to anyone who is trying to fly a drone for a living or time sensitivery research

    • Yup, I am on the road waiting on parts. Two day delivery has turned in to who knows when I'll get it. 

  • FYI, if you lose any of the screws, bolts, nuts, or whatever from your 3DR Quad, unless you need the whole kit, don't buy the ridiculously overpriced $25 hardware kit.  Do it Best hardware stores, and some Home Depots carry the necessary hardware. 

    • I agree with you

      Do to the latest move from 3DR I am moving to another frame. I had to go to Amazon or Canada Drones for parts. There are some of us that can figure out this things. But let me give you two examples of people that do not have the time or experience to find parts. 

      1) I'm traveling with my drone (which I am right now and the cause of my rage) I don't have all my tools with me. So I go to the people who sold it to me for quick overnight of repair parts.... (no luck!!!) Also it takes to long to process an order, so over night is 2 to 3 days.

      2) I feel sorry for the inexperience buyer that can get ANY 3DR product from a Hobby store or B&H for example, not knowing it will be so time consuming. It will take a inexperienced buyer hours learning where else to get parts, asking in forums, sending e-mails to 3DR, waiting on replies, ect. All when the person could have just gone to a website with good description of products and purchased a spacer or a plate. 

  • I missed all the fun this weekend LOL I knew there were people as frustrated as me not being able to find parts. 

    So if 3DR is listening. How about selling hardware, or sell the hex standoffs with the landing legs, Plates for 2013 X4, ....

    I have had great customer service for years but the store lately is lacking. Product description and what is included with purchase leaves a lot to be desired. 

  • I was a previous somehow happy customer, but of late their service is very disappointing.

    The GOOD thing is that now you can get whatever 3D offers in a better quality and for cheaper from many other stores.

    So lets see if Solo will be a huge success for them or if they are (sadly) on their   way out........

  • 3D Robotics
    Hi Nathaniel,

    Yes, we are listening. We abide by all regulations and laws in all states that we do business in.

    While we are having our share of support issues at the moment, not standing behind our products with spare parts isn't one of them. We did have some issues with stocking parts but they have always been available to order.

    I haven't encountered a situation where we could not provide spare parts or an alternative, but if you're having trouble looking for a specific part, please let me know, I'm always happy to help.
    • I'd like to believe that statement but I am in need of a single 950KV motor and a pair of the 850 blue ones. They haven't been in the 3DR store for months.

      Meanwhile I decided to buy a Phantom 3 so I can have a reliable part supply and not have down time.

      I am also in the process of replacing all of the 3DR motors and ESC's on both of my Y6's.... because I can't buy a single matching motor or ESC.

      I also had to buy a replacement frame because I couldn't get the carbon plate kit. I am glad I finished

      I really wanted to buy a solo after my parts availability experience and the fact the solo is more in the price range of the Inspire instead of the P3 I decided to invest my money in DJI products.

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      I just took a moment and re-read some of my comments, and let me apologize if they came off as somewhat snarky. You do a great job and I always see you responding to these posts with a professional and respectful approach quickly and consistently. The fact that you need to respond so frequently to these issues is the real problem and unfortunately it's not something new. I think we all understand that 3DR is a relatively new and growing company, and with that come some issues related to that growth.

      We as consumers just want to have confidence that what we spend our money on isn't made obsolete simply by the fact that we won't be able to obtain parts 2 years after we spent $1000 on it just because it's been eclipsed by the latest flavor. If 3DR made a commitment to make those parts available for X years it would go a long way.

      I work in a manufacturing industry so I understand the difficulties having the right materials in the right place at the right time, but I've heard so many stories about people trying to obtain replacement parts to repair their damaged equipment not being able to obtain them through the normal channel IE ordering online, only to find that the "complete" version is readily available for sale. In most every case they are ultimately able to obtain parts with yours or others assistance. This is where the frustration lies, and why your customers can feels if they are being left behind. You would think that since so many other parts go into making the whole that it should be the other way around. The spare parts should almost always be available, and the complete product should be what is back-ordered.

      It's a hot button topic for many people, myself included. Not related to 3DR, but I have experienced this same issue and never had a resolution where damage has occurred and I have NEVER been able to obtain spare parts though they continued to sell complete airframes. So you can understand why I and others would like to hear some commitment for future parts availability.


      Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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      Hi Vu,

      As I said I haven't personally had a bad experience, however the number of times I see the same complaints appearing in the forums over and over again over the years is disconcerting. I don't doubt that you are abiding by all the laws of all the states you do business in, that was my point. Don't use the state requirements as the bar to set. They should be the minimum standard. Just because the state may only require a certain level of service doesn't mean you can't offer better service.

      How about quantifying 3DR's commitment to making parts available for products they sell? How long will 3DR make parts available for products they sell? how long can I expect to be able to repair one of my 3DR vehicles with spare parts purchased from 3DR?


      Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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