Hi there.

I am in process of setting up a quad that need to fly with 3 Lidar lites in a circular array.

See example here:

I know how to wire up 1 sensor to the pixhawk, but I don't know how to add 3, and how to setup them up in mission planner.

I hope for some assistance from the community ;-)


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No one? :-(

I'm not sure why you're getting no support on this question. May I suggest that you PM someone like Tridge or Randy. They are very busy guys but they both have extensive experience integrating the LL into the Pixhawk.

In the near future there will be UAVCAN bus LiDARs available precisely for your kind of application. This will allow for any number of units on a single bus and Pixhawk already supports UAVCAN .

Good luck! :).

Thanks, I have just reached out to Randy.


Any luck with this??

Unfortunately not. I am kinda stuck. I have made the HW setup as show for the Arduino with multiple sensors. But I have no idea how to make the pixhawk address the 3 different sensors (I guess they have the same HW id?) because I can only get one to show up.

So any help on this matter is much appreciated ;-)


Have you tried looping through each sensor as if it is one, by taking a reading of the data from each and parse it. That way, the Pixhawk thinks it's addressing one, but the Arduino accesses each in a loop. Not sure if the Arduino and the Pixhawk can do this, but it's an idea. Good luck.


Any news about this project? It's very interesting.


Use the above i2c multiplexer to drive upto 4 lidar-lite on I2C

Use this I2C multiplexer to drive up to 8 lidar-lite on I2C

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