Hi everybodyyyy...

I am running 2.91 on my apm 2.5 with a MediaTek gps (the small1 the one suppied with the 2.5 board when they first came out)in my quad .

in stabilize it works a treat . But today i tried the loiter which was very erratic .Then i tried Auto .the quad went to the 1st way point  ok maybe a little low (but i am guessing).then onto the second way point gradually getting lower until crashing into the ground softly.


I tested RTL the day before and all seemed to work well .


Any ideas ? is it the GPS ?


Cheers Darren

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Hi Darren,

Is your barometer sensor sufficiently shielded from the wind?

How's your allude hold. Does it drop slowly or hold at altitude.

my apm2.5 is in a case with the foam installed.


i didnt try altude hold yesterday , but the day before i did and it worked but did

drop and rise a little , maybe half a meter either way.


any more ideas welcome ..

Does not sound good. Altitude hold should be rock steady. Did you balance your props and vibration dampen your APM? You need to check your logs and make sure your AccelZ setting is good. (@-10 on and graph, give or take 5 points)

hi richard .props are balance .

i havent got any vib damping on apm , other  than double side 3mm tape.


i did do another altitude test today . Which was disapointing that it was well out . height would rise

and fall by upto 3-4 meters.

If you know any links on how to check logs ,it would be welcome.

cheers darren

Here is the link to the wiki page about logs. The videos are also very helpful.


thanks richard for the link.

i will start again (quad setup) and follow the advise .

I have also order some foam for vibration damping..


i will let you know how i get on , in a day or two as the weather here as  change for

the worse .

cheers again darren

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