Hi all !

I need help about my MinimOSD freshly unpacked.

I've triple checked the cabling and I don't know why I've just a black image on my screen.
There is a suspicious comportement when I power on the system. I explain how it happens:
1. Connect correctly the Vin/Vout/RX/BLK between APM, MinimOSD and video transmitter 
2. Power on the APM 
3. Connect the battery balance connector 12V to the MinimOSD  

At point 2, the ST led (orange) blink and the D PWR (red) led power on and still.  
When I do the point 3, the ST led shut off and the A PWR led power on and still. 
After that, I just have a black screen... It's weird because the system worked at least once!  
The firmware is up to date and I use a XBee but I've not connected the TX port on the minimOSD.

What's wrong ? Someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance ;-)


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Thanks for trying it too and for the advice. I suppose it was a spike then. I couldn't believe it either, that's why I fried a few boards retrying it. I used a PZ0420 camera, and either a Boscam 200mw 5.8Ghz or Fox 800mw 1.3Ghz VTX (can't remember which of the 2).

On my next setup, I'll do use only a video line on the video side of the OSD, and I'm going to power everything simultaneously after the power module (not using the balance connector anymore).

I also have just experienced this, My set up was working well then I tried to change some info on panel 1, when I plugged it back together all I have is a black screen.

Doing further tests I find that when I first power up the board I get the black screen. However if I leave it powered up for a minute or so I then get the camera ( video input) outputted from the board, at this point if I then press the reset buttom the OSD data then fires up and everything works just fine until I remove power for a minute or so and then its back to the black screen.


I have the exact same issue. I can still talk to the MimimOSD via FTDI, and have tried updating the firmware, but that does nothing. I've also tested the TX, thinking maybe that was the issue, but it works fine when connected to my DirectTV receiver. I also noticed the failure happening slowly. first it was just that my video had some flickering to it, then it was no video and OSD screen only, then it was OSD stuck on the OSD boot screen, now, nada. It seemed to get worse when I loaded the newest firmware. I also notice its getting pretty warm. One question tho, can you bypass the OSD and go from the Camara (say a GoPro Hero3 Black) straight into the TX? I tried that and I still didn't get anything. I'm so confused.

Just picked up the 1.1 version from HK. After dealing with the bootloader issues I got it flashed. Did the solder blobs to power off the apm. Powers fine but the output is black with horizontal lines. Tried everything but no go. Assume its a bad board. Heres the thing... I wish I would have researched more on this unit before buying it. The lack of pass through is a deal breaker. With all the issues on this osd there is no way i'm going to risk my video and possible plane loss on it. This needs a redesign big time.
It's a piece of crap, design wise. It's probably salt in the wound that everyone except 3DR sells it for about $10.

Once it is working, though, it doesn't fail in flight. Never. Very robust. But good luck getting it working without burning a few.

Here's a better design by "DTF UHF", but they're not being produced or sold anywhere (yet):


do they just go bad? mine worked fine the last time I flew, now when I try it I get a black screen

What the, I just used this the other day, now I plug it up the same way and I get picture, then blank screen, The the picture flashes for a second and blank screen, I did not fry it as I just used it the same way... I can still read the values from it and save but I cannot get it to do any on screen just blank what gives? 

Where is the best source to buy a replacement?

After having mine work great for a few months, I no longer get any video.  Hooks up and updates via FTDI just fine, and lights on both sides are on, but no video.  This thing is like the achilles heel of APM/Pixhawk!

China. ReadyToFlyQuads makes a variant that's good for external monitoring of info (analog Arduino pin breakouts) but the owner takes weeks to ship the simplest thing.

GoodLuckBuy or Banggood.

And of course 3DRobotics sells it for the criminal price of maybe 4 times what every other place sells it for.


recently i bought my minimosd v1.1 from chinese manufacturers. I connect my mobius cam as below but i got nothing but black screen.

in the meantime i never see green led blinking on minimosd. is it necessary?

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