Hello there,
I have decided to start a new discussion on this subject as I can't understand why from time to time and without notice, my Minimosd will clear the screen from data overlay and what I get is clear video from cam. all looks to work perfectly before this happens and sometimes, too often I would say, Overly disappears without any notice.

first of all, I would like to know if I am the only one who suffers from this symptoms.
If any of you out there experienced or experiencing the same phenomenon, please come forward before I loose my sanity :-)


My Setup:
APM 2.76, minimosd extra r710, 3dr hw ver 1.1, 3DR telemetry. OSD is powered from APM 5V ( parallel to telemetry port without TX connected - only RX,GND, +5V), all soldering pads are soldered. Voltage is constant at 5.20V at all times.

Please remember - all looks to be working great, and out of the blue overly goes away like an invisible hand pushed this non existing OFF button which by then switching panels stops working - no control over OSD.

this can happen just like that without doing anything, or when switching to RTL using my remote control,  etc..

This happens with two of my identical minimosd's.

Thanks U.


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    • You prolly have the fake chinese Minimosds. They are known to be dodgy, cant flash, bootloader issues, non flashable font / character rom etc.

    • Arrr... I have the same issue...

      I am running my MinimOSD 1.1 via 5v with both pins linked, I am also running Telemetry with a PAL camera

      I have tried several different versions currently I have  MinimOSD-Extra_Copter_Pre-release_2.4_r726.hex loaded.

      Once the system is running I have a picture, I hit the reset button and OSD reboots and displays the OSD with current values... Then after a short while (no set time) it drops out.

      • I recently bought a purple minim osd from goodluckbuy. I have radio and minim osd connected to my apm 2.5.2 (running latest arducopter firmware 3.1.5 ) . Radio is working prefect, but the minim osd is not. It seems like the apm is not sending info to the OSD. I updated the firmware ( tool r727, charset and .hex 2.4 r726 ) and changed some parameters. Also, the minim osd info appears and disappears on my lcd monitor . I have no clue what the problem is. Any help would be really appreciated .

        Parameters I have changed so far:

        SERIAL1_BAUD, 57 (telemetry output at 57600)

        SR1_EXT_STAT, 2 ( 2hz for waypoints, GPS raw, fence data, current waypoint, etc)

        SR1_EXTRA1, 5 ( 5hz for attitude and simulation state)

        SR1_EXTRA2, 2 ( 2hz for VFR_Hud data )

        SR1_EXTRA3, 3 ( 3hz for AHRS, Hardware Status, Wind )

        SR1_POSITION, 2 ( 2hz for location data )

        SR1_RAW_SENS, 2 ( 2hz for raw imu sensor data )

        SR1_RC_CHAN, 5 ( 5hz for radio input or radio output data )

        If you fly copter than you also need to set SR0 also:

        SR0_EXT_STAT, 2

        SR0_EXTRA1, 5

        SR0_EXTRA2, 2

        SR0_EXTRA3, 3

        SR0_POSITION, 2

        SR0_RAW_SENS, 2

        SR0_RC_CHAN, 5

      • Wow.... I just read somewhere that it could be power related. I just powered my OSD from a seperate bec and it didn't lose the overlay.

        • Hah! Strange, but I will have to try that.

          I'm powering my my Immersion 5.8 600mW, my FPV Cam and the OSD from a Hobbyking Deadcat Defibrillator, which supposedly gives 12v/1A (and 5v/3A for my Gopro charging). I will try putting the OSD on a separate battery, just to proove/disproove the theory. 



  • Hi,

    A couple of days is too much :D

    Could someone give it a try?

    Plane r716

    Copter r717


  • Hi,

    The only case I can see in code for that to happen is APM stop sending heartbeat messages.

    I may make a test firmware in a couple of days to debug this.


  • Hi guys!

    Same happens to me!. I have an original 3dr minimosd and a hextronics. Both have had the "OSD gone" problem.  I am powering OSD with both 12V and 5V. Strange thing is it used to work before, no problem. But now, don't. I have also strange interferences that I will show on a youtube video later on. I thought these interferences in video signal were the ones responsible for the lost of OSD data overlay...but after reading all these I am starting to think I am wrong. I will keep you guys posted!

  • I think i know why is this.

    It is that i have modified the values for switching, to allow the use of the same channel for mission reset also.

    I have added a detailed description about this, in downloads.


    Hope that this was it.


  • Unbelievable..

    Went to sleep when I had issues.

    Came back from work, did some OSD flashing, APM SR3 changes, and now, after 1 hours playing with the system, and I can't reproduce what I was experiencing at 3am in the morning. so far, system works, but I will be the last person on earth to open up my champagne. not yet.


    What I did is this:

    saved my APM params with SR3 settings as I always had. called it "OLD_SR3".

    changed SR3 settings, wrote these to APM. saved a copy called NEW_SR3.

    then, I reloaded the "OLD_SR3" params followed by me re-flashing my OSD with latest 2.4.r710. flashed it twice.

    then, I re-practiced what I did at 3am which was resetting osd every few seconds. early morning and every second or third reset, I saw mavlink / yellow led on osd stops flashing and no overlay.

    now when I reset the osd every few second, I was never able to get read of the overly - it always came back!


    even though these are good news, I don't like this :-) as I can't reproduce and know why now the system behaves as it should

    I will do more tests but the real test will be out on the field. Can you relate to what I did and the outcome of things?

    this is by all means not a real test but the odd thing is that I can't tell why now things behaves differently.

    can it be that flashing a chip will not be 100% ok and with errors but still operate?

    I will now open up a bottle of beer and will keep pushing this reset button till I fall asleep or overly will go away - which ever comes first.





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