Mission Planner and 2.0.36

Doing well with .35 so I moved on to .36 this evening.  I updated the Mission Planner software first.  Just to let you know that the Mission Planner had a hard time detecting my APM version, took a few times.  Then when loading .36 it failed during APM Verify.  A box came up stating upload was completed successfully but verify failed.  The bad thing was that I could not clear that box, it would return continually.  This was always an easy process until tonight.  Just FYI.



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    I'm finding that 2.0.33 seems the best for my Hexa right now.  Updated to 2.0.36, then down to 2.0.34, the down again to 2.0.33.


    I think my APM 2560 has arrived an is waiting for me at my office.

  • Same issue with the APM Planner 1.36 and the Failed to Verify Issue. I used Arduino to upload and used APM 1.36 to configure. Flew the quad and all seemed normal.

    I just tried to check the logs, but was not able to see any. If you disconnect the battery, do you lose your logs?

  • Same problem here. I first updated Mission Planner and it now shows version 1.0.36 in it's start up screen. I started the AC2 firmware update and get to the very end and receive the message -update successful verify failed, and was not able to clear that dialog pop up, had to restart my computer. I repeated this entire process three times with the same results each time. I went ahead and did the initial setup and then a very short hover only test flight with no problems however.
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    Update your Mission Planner to the latest version. 1.0.36
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