Has anyone else had this happen?

I have a 90A SBEC, 3s 8500 lipo, and of course the motor.  I programmed the ESC according to the instructions but nothing happens when I try to run up the motor.  That is, until I shut off the transmitter!  Then, I get the start up beeps from the motor and the motor runs up to full.  If I turn the transmitter on right after the beeps but before the motor starts up, I have normal full control.

Any ideas?

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I would re-calibrate your ESC's.    Aircraft ESC's will not arm unless they get a 0 throttle signal.  So if there is a little up trim in the throttle that will prevent them from arming.     I about tore my hair out on a helicopter as I did not have a 0% throttle setting in one of the Throttle/pitch curves.    When you turn off the TX the throttle PWM goes below the arming threshold then it will arm.  

I am going to move this over to RC Equipment to help others that may have this issue in the future. 

Thanks, Carl.  I'll look at that.  My hair's a bit thinner now, too!  LOL

I checked that on the transmitter and it shows that everything is zero.  I put the throttle pitch all the way down to negative 120 and still have the same thing.

I just had a similar issue with my AP(L) board. Throttle signal was below fail safe limit. Adjusted value based on new ESC, all good.

You're saying you replaced the ESC?

I looked at the fail safe limit and it's lower than the min throttle setting of 1107.  Any more ideas?  I've looked over everything and can't find the source of the issue.

Just had the exact same problem myself, ensure you setup your throttle channel in Apm when the apm is in manual mode, if you using a Futaba tx, ensure the throttle is reversed. I also had to reverse throttle output in the MP.

I also used a servo in place of the motor while setting it all up.
Hope that's of some help

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