I just noticed this at the Chinese on-line retailer, ThanksBuyer.com

They are pricing the bundled versions attractively.  Obviously made to compete against the APM micro 3.1

Flight controller

FC bundled with power supply

FC, power supply, GPS unit

If anyone makes the leap, perhaps you could keep us informed on your experiences.

Happy flying all!!

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Just ordered one..

ASAP I'll tell how it works.

Awesome!, good luck Pietro!  (no pun intended, heh)

I am wanting to build a 340 FPV hexacopter;  similar the TBS Gemini Racer, but I won't spend that kind of money on a thrasher-copter.

my current wish: link

the Gemini:  link

$69 seems to be a theme. . .

I will be waiting with anticipation on your progress. . . I have an APM 3.1 'micro' right now that I can't use because HK has my power module back-ordered since February.  I have a 260 frame all ready to go, but can't use for a $10 part.

Hey Tony
You can use a 5v bec connected to your apm mini..
Simply you won't have the current/volt measurement..
I prefer this configuration because the power module on my apm 2.6 got broken, luckily on my table..
Then if you want a current lecture you can buy an attopilot by sparkfun.

I really don't want to cut pads unless I really have to; that's what I would have to do in order to power the board from the motor inputs.  I don't really trust the BEC's inside ESCs; only for powering servos and LEDs.

I just ordered one of these:  Yaay!

Not the ideal; I really wanted to just do a 32_mm stack up.  My soldering skills aren't the best. . . let's see how long it takes me to get the damn thing powered up.

Bon weekend my friend. . . tony k

I don't know how the story is for mini, but with apm 2.6 you can power the entire board giving current to the RX. In my case I use a frsky d4r-ii connected with ppm and in one of the free slot I attached a BEC (not the one on my esc) but a dedicated one..

yeah, I have two of the 'full size' APM's; a 2.6 and a 2.8

I know that if the JP1 jumper is not in place, the whole board's 5V rail is connected.  Any voltage on the + pins would carry across.  

So, did you purchase the power module along with this APM Mini?, the GPS?, or are you going to wire up something different?

I think the big limitation for me right now with the Mini APM here is that (as usual) there are no CAD files, so re-flashing the PPM encoder is a mystery.  I would want to flash the encoder to accept SBUS, as the APM 3.1 can do.  What is gained in small size with the 3.1 is lost with the wacky wire nest I wind up with.  I want something a little neater.

On the power module front, I just might go with one of these, though they are twice the price [sigh]:  Pilot Power VI Module

Yes, I bought the pm because the voltage current sensor was out of stock..
So you think the apm can also accept sbus protocol?
I thought only pixhawk could..
By the way I saw around that mini apm can accept cppm without problems, I think you must connect signal on input 1 and close circuit on 2 and 3 input signal wires..
Am I wrong?

ohhhh, yes Pietro mon frere. . . it is not only possible to use SBUS, I use it on all three of my APM's.  The micro versions (3.1 is the one I have) also are capable of flashing to the SBUS hex file.  Some here are scared to use it because it came from "some Russian guy" and there doesn't seem to be an uncompiled file.

follow the instructions and thread comments here:  DIY Drones APM SBUS thread

again, I don't know how this mini APM can be flashed.  Since you have purchased it, perhaps you can remind them of their obligations under the EUG (end user agreement) of open ware and tell them to at least publish enough information for users to accomplish the common tasks.

Are you spending the weekend flying?, or building?  Are you having any success/failure with this mini APM yet? . . .

The pinouts look suspiciously like the AUAV-X1/X2 (http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/auav-x1-a-new-vision-of-the-px4...)

Is this 32 bit?

yeah, I would say no.  It is APM, so uses the 8-bit chip architecture that has been used all along (and is no longer supported by 3.3 firmware.  BOO!)

Has anyone actually got their hands on one of these yet? The documentation (limited, but still, a document in english) indicates it will accept PPM IN on CH5. A few of the photos online show some jumper pads/cut-able traces labeled "PPM" which would seem to support that notion. It also has a full array of analog outputs (A0-A11) - a nice feature.

My question before pulling the trigger on this is - does anyone know how is PPM IN actually enabled on this device?

hi Brian,

I have not ordered one, and I will let some who has say positively. . . but, I can say definitively that every APM version that I am aware of does accept PPM in.  Some require a jumper across channels 2-3 with input to channel 1, and some require a board jumper (or solder pads) to enable PPM in to channel 5.

I just prefer SBUS input for the additional channels (14!) one can get from very small DSMX receivers.  See here. . .

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