new APM flavor released: APM Mini Pro

I just noticed this at the Chinese on-line retailer,


They are pricing the bundled versions attractively.  Obviously made to compete against the APM micro 3.1

Flight controller

FC bundled with power supply

FC, power supply, GPS unit

If anyone makes the leap, perhaps you could keep us informed on your experiences.

Happy flying all!!

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  • the shape of the fc its like the pixhawk !

  • Hi everyone, I've had two of the mini APM pro's for a while now one has Had a crash but FC fine I believe. Since reinstalling and setting up on a hex f550 I've found a power issue. I read everyone's comments but still don't understand it what needs to be done. Does it require a dedicated 5v Bec to feed enough current across the board?
    I have the supplied PM on and it will power the board.
    I first noticed a problem when I powered on for a flight and it was almost locked in for 3dfix when it rebooted. I wasn't sure if I had seen correctly or if it had just got sun on the led.
    So I had a few short flights no probs, flys great RTL then loiter, had it in circle mode a nice ten meter circle then it dropped. Power out and busted a few things on the frame again. Maybe it was the same thing that caused it to go down last time I had it going. So I'm unsure what's up. Anyone who can let me know the proper way to safely power the board even redundant power would be good just in case something happens with the main.
    Also I've heard some talk of connecting to their phones with MPlanner is that through a Bluetooth module on the telemetry and only on an android OS.
    • Solved. Using a power module and a 5v Bec on RC end solved this issue on this mini APM pro. Others work fine using Bec from esc's with Bec 5v.
    • Has anyone tried the Pix Mini yet?  I have mine but comes with zero documentation...  Can't seem to figure out hwo to connect my PPM receiver..  ugh

      Anyone out here know?

      • Connecting a PPM receiver to a PixMini is very easy. The only tricky part is you need to convert from a three wire DuPont to a four wire DuPont connector. An easy way to accomplish this is to take a standard 3 wire DuPont male to male cable, remove the pins from one end, and install them in a 4 wire DuPont connector. Another approach is to use 3 single pin connectors. Having fabricated or purchased the necessary cable, connect the standard 3 wire DuPont to the PPM output of your receiver. Connect the 4 wire DuPont to the PixMini with pins in the following order: (1) ground; (2) 5V; (3) no connection; (4) PPM. Note that the PixMini labels the 3 pin as "SBUS". This is for sending telemetry back to the receiver. The PixMini lables pin 4 as RC IN. This is the correct pin for RC PPM signal input.



        • I did try that but didn't work..  On the APM Pro I had to jumper 2 pins.. do you have to do this on the Pix Mini?

          I tried a couple recivers, on both, the red led flashes then goes out..  Put it back into my Naza copter and it worked..  so I know its not the receiver..  Wonder if there is a setting in the Pixhawk parameters to enable PPM or not..


          • No jumper or setting change is required for the PixMini. It only accepts PPM!

            Not sure what you were were implying by "the red led flashes then goes out." On most receivers, the light will stay on if the receiver is bound to the transmitter. "flashes then goes out" normally indicates your receiver is not bound to your transmitter. Remove your receiver cable from the PixMini, check that it is bound and the light stays on, then plug the cable back into the PixMini. If the light does not say on, check that you do not have ground and signal reversed somewhere.

            • Been doing this stuff for years and years..   

              Using a dragonlink copter and a dragonlink micro..  The red led flashing means it has power but no PPM signal from the controller.

              On the dragonlink copter version, the pins are clearly marked GND, V and PPM..  I put the APM Pro back in and it works.. Something must be up with my Pix Mini.. :(

              • We have used hundreds of PixMini Flight Controllers without any problem with the PPM encoder. It can happen, and you would then have to reinstall the PPM encoder firmware.

                Try unplugging everything from the PixMini other than the RC radio. Connect the PixMini to your GCS via micro USB cable, open Mission Planner, go to radio calibration, and see if the bars are green and move.

                If not, tell me the make/model of your receiver and I will test a PixMini with a known working receiver.

                You could also test your receiver with a standard PixHawk. The PPM encoders on the PixMini and PixHawk are identical.

                • Well, I'll be,..   It works..   Turns out it doesn't like the RDF900 modem..  The modem is good, if I unplug the receiver it works, they just won't work together..  that is very odd..  I'm able to connect to the RDF900 from mission planner with another plugged into my PC..  but the dragonlink receiver won't work..  if I unplug the modem, the draginlink works..  

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