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  • Your site seems to be down, can you please email me more details about your drone at


    Mead Norton

  • Hi Valentin,

    Congratulations for your project.

    Sorry, but i don't know where is the innovation ? 

    skysense product with embedded programme ?

    Maybe, i miss something ...

    • I don't really see the link between Skysense.

      Does it provide a tracking function ?

  • Hi Valentin,

    How does it intergrate with a Pixhawk/Ardupilot or Naza flight controller?

    Is it an additional module?

    Thanks for the explaination.


    P.S.: "absolutely crash-safe" on the website, sounds a bit over stated :)

    • Sorry for the delay ;-)

      The smartphone application will interact with a PixHawk. No need of an additional module.

  • How much of the footage from this demo video is actually from one of the little quads that you show, flying fully autonomously?

    Private video on Vimeo
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    • Our technology is compatible to many drones in the market.

      For this demo video, biggers quads (other that one we shown on the page)
      were used to acheive better speed performance and better image quality. Our
      aim on this video demo is to show the possibility of such a technology.
      Actually, we managed to track moving objects with autonomous flying drone,
      using smartphone application and image processing. We focus our effort on
      autonomous tracking coupled with framing to create the best footage

      We have already achieve good result at the moment and look forward to have
      this available in the market.
      Our question at the moment is on our positionement in the market, should we
      deliver high performance drone for professional use related to top quality
      video capture or more a mass market solution with less performing drones
      for "toys" like used for action cam market?
      Your feedback and vision will help us a lot, feel free to connect, we love
      to have you take on this.

      Best regards

      • Nice technology!

        I've actualy work on it six month ago (see my reply here). If I where you I would go for mass market. Professional user are payed to make the aérial video. There job is not to fly the drones, it's just a way to get the footages but it's not the finality. They are here to "fly the camera, not the drone". If you take that away from theme whith automatisation , there added value is zero. Whereas mass market just wants to have footage of them doing some actions. They don't know how to fly for the most part and I thinck they don't want to know. They just want good footage and that's what you system can provide.

        Best regards


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